MAY 19, 2021

Easily buy certification exam vouchers in the new Adobe Certification Voucher Center

Buy one voucher or many — all partner levels get a discount when they purchase 10 or more vouchers.

Adobe has partnered with Xvoucher to offer bulk and discount vouchers in the Adobe Certification Voucher Center. In the past, partners had to contact SPP Help when purchasing vouchers. That’s no longer necessary with Xvoucher.

The Certification Voucher Center checks your company level and automatically applies any discounts for which you qualify. You can use your voucher at Examity.

The Voucher Center also has a promotions tab on the site, so that you can see any certifications that are on sale. Keep reading to see which certifications are 50 percent off this month.

How buying vouchers works

Visit the Adobe Certification Voucher Center and choose either “Global” or “India.” Then choose the level of exam voucher you’re buying (Expert or Master, for example) and the quantity. Your discount, if you qualify for one, will be applied at checkout. The discount also applies to renewal exams. If you don’t see your discount at checkout or have another issue, check the Certification FAQ.

As always, Partners at the Bronze or above level get a 33 percent discount on exams. Xvoucher will validate the partner’s eligibility and automatically apply the discount during checkout. Use the email that matches your SPP membership to get your discount.

How buying vouchers works

Minimums are no longer required to obtain multiple vouchers. Vouchers are sold individually or in bulk (10 or more) with increasing discounts as the quantity purchased increases.









The bulk discount cannot be combined with any additional discount or promo code. It is available for 10 or more exam vouchers, regardless of region. Voucher codes are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Bulk voucher discounts are also available to Community level partners. A minimum of 10 vouchers must be purchased to get a discount.

Select FAQs

Visit the Certification FAQ to see all commonly asked Xvoucher and certification-related questions and answers. Sign in is required to view the entire FAQ.   

When do exam vouchers expire?  How long are they good for?
Adobe exam vouchers expire 12 months after purchase. Vouchers cannot be extended past their expiration date. Exam registrations must be scheduled, paid for, and taken before the exam voucher expiration date.

Can vouchers be returned for credit or refund?
All sales are final. Returns and refunds are not accepted. Adobe exam vouchers are purchased at an exam level, not for specific exams, which provides great flexibility.

  • Example:  When you buy 10 Adobe Certified Expert-level exam vouchers, and distribute them, you don't have to know ahead of time or plan who will take which Expert exam.
  • Administrators can assign the voucher to a user and see if the voucher was viewed, redeemed or when the exam is scheduled or took place.

What kind of payments are accepted?
Payment may be made by (all major) credit cards. Payments via credit card require acceptance of an online click-wrap agreement.  The different payment options are:

  • Wire, purchase order, or ACH: Create a purchase order in the Xvoucher system that can be printed and sent to your accounts payable department. That order will be approved upon receipt of the wire transfer or check.
  • Credit card: All major credit cards accepted
  • Xwallet: This will subtract the order amount from your Xwallet pool.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of vouchers I can purchase?
No, there is no minimum or maximum. Customer purchases are only limited based on available funds, such as a credit card limit or bank account balance for wire transfers.

How long will it take to get access to vouchers after I place my order?
Vouchers will be available immediately after purchase if paying via credit card or Xwallet.

  • If you purchase for yourself, vouchers codes will be provided on screen and in email. 
  • If you purchase for others, log into your Xvoucher account and distribute the vouchers to your end-users from there.
  • If paying via wire or purchase order, voucher orders will be released when Xvoucher has received the funds.

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