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March 22, 2021

Certification price changes effective May 3, 2021

The Adobe Certification Program is moving to a new global pricing model.

Adobe continues to bring Magento Commerce and Marketo Engage into the Adobe Experience Cloud family of solutions. One way we are doing that is by simplifying our pricing structure for all Experience Cloud certification exams. Starting May 3, 2021, certification for any solution within a given certification level will have the same price. For example, partners with the partner discount will pay $150 USD for an Adobe Certified Expert certification.

Why get certified?

Adobe certifications show your clients that you have the skills to successfully implement solutions. A certification also gives them confidence that you have the latest product knowledge because as we update our products, we update the certifications to assess knowledge of those updates. Many partners report that earning Adobe Certifications has helped them get raises or promotions and differentiate themselves among peers.

Why is changing?

When you see the new pricing structure, you’ll notice the following:

  • All Magento exam prices will decrease
  • All Experience Cloud exam prices will increase slightly
  • The Marketo Expert exam price will remain the same; the Marketo Professional exam price will increase

Under the new pricing structure, if you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum partner, you will continue to be eligible for a 33% discount voucher. You’ll also continue to receive discounts by partner level on classes offered by Adobe Digital Learning Services. As always, on-demand training is free to all partners who are members of the Solution Partner Program.

All orders made before May 3, 2021, fall under the old pricing model. The Adobe Certification team will not make any cost adjustments; previous orders are “as is.”


All regions (USD)

Effective May 3, 2021

India (USD)

Effective May 3, 2021 

Previous Price

Adobe Certified Professional


$83 with

Partner Discount


$63 with

Partner Discount

Adobe Certified Professional $95

Marketo Certified Professional $95

Magento Certified Professional $195

Adobe Renewal or Recertification (Expert or Master)


$83 with Partner Discount


$63 with Partner Discount

Adobe Certified Renewal or

Recertification Expert or Master $95

Adobe Certified Expert


$150 with Partner



$100 with Partner


Adobe Certified Expert $180

Magento Certified Expert $295-$395

Marketo Certified Expert $225

Adobe Certified Master


$150 with Partner



$100 with Partner


Adobe Certified Master $180

Magento Certified Master $395

Marketo Certified Master $500

Why are exam prices changing?

As Magento Commerce and Marketo Engage joined the Adobe Certification Program, we evaluated all exams to ensure consistent pricing and certification rules. We wanted to create a “one program” price and scoring methodology. We also benchmarked our pricing against other industry certifications and found that prices for Adobe certification still come in at or below many other companies’ prices.

In addition, since 2020 we have made many improvements to the certification program, including:

  • Adding a new testing platform, Examity, to offer more options for remote proctored testing.
  • Partnering with X Voucher to allow practice leads to easily purchase vouchers for their teams.
  • Continued to invite our Partner SME community to help us develop and update exams and ensure they reflect real-world product experience and expertise.
  • Currently working toward creating sample exam questions in each exam guide to better prepare test takers for the actual certification exam.

We have also invested in updating many exams and will be offering more recertification exams—shorter, lower-priced exams that allow certified individuals to renew their certification by being tested only on capabilities new to a solution since their previous certification. We plan to release a dozen recertification exams in the coming months.


If I purchased or received a voucher before May 3, 2021, will it still work?
Yes, all vouchers purchased or received before May 3, 2021, will be valid until the expiration date specified. Voucher codes cannot be extended. Any voucher codes for discounts—for example, 33% off—will deduct the percentage from the most current price.

Can I get a refund on my Magento Purchase?
No. All pricing and orders made before May 3, 2021, fall under the old pricing model. The Adobe Certification team will not make any cost adjustments and previous orders are “as is.”

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