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Get Adobe expertise from our Specialized partners.

When a certain number of our partners' employees pass certification,
they can prove their company's technical expertise by becoming a Specialized partner.
Adobe Specialization helps you connect with the partner that’s perfectly matched for your needs.

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This brief video features some of our Specialized partners discussing how their business and customers derive tremendous value from Adobe Specialization.


There’s a high bar for our partners to earn Specialization in any market or solution.
In order to become Specialized, Adobe assumes and expects proficiency proof in the following areas: 

Technical expertise 

Adobe measures technical expertise by the number of Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) credentials earned by individuals within a partner organization. To become Specialized, they must reach a predetermined number of certified employees.

Implementation proficiency

Specialized partners must be able to implement solutions for which they are Specialized, while also meeting or exceeding customer expectations during implementation.

Customer success

Each year, Specialized partners submit three customer references for projects completed that year and participate in customer satisfaction surveys. Too many unsatisfactory customer satisfaction scores may result in Adobe-required training sesions or loss of Specialization status. 

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