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It’s a tough new world in media planning and buying. It requires connecting with each customer across myriad channels, demands clear return on media spend, and strains media department resources. The list of challenges is long, but the complete solution list is very short.

Only Adobe Advertising Cloud meets the needs of both bigtime brand building and everyday media planning. It delivers precision targeting and effective reach across all screens, formats, and channels—big-screen television to mobile device, high-impact video to long-tail search. And since it’s all in one place, it streamlines even the most complex planning and buying work.


Advertising Cloud Solution Brief
solution brief

An overview of the industry’s first complete advertising solution for more effective campaigns and workflows

Advertising Cloud Agency Guidebook

Comprehensive guide on how you can maximize campaign and team effectiveness with the Advertising Cloud.


Training options include on-demand training, instructor led training, and on-site training. Access the latest learning journeys, documentation, guides, videos and more.


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Certification is currently available for Adobe Advertising Cloud Search in the Business Practitioner role.

  • Check out the Advertising Cloud Certification Path which provides certification resources and step by step guidance
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Sales Accreditation is currently available for Adobe Advertising Cloud Search.



Specialization is currently available for Adobe Advertising Cloud Search. Check out the Specialization page to see requirements. 

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