Value of the Adobe + Microsoft Partnership

Together with Microsoft, we share a vision for the future of the enterprise. Because experience is everything, we’ve come together to help you accelerate the digital transformation of our joint customers. We are creating integrations and solutions that allow you to do some amazing things for customers, including:

  • Create a truly customer-centric enterprise by connecting the customer data between sales, support and marketing interactions
  • Integrate content and data to deliver compelling and personalized experiences to each of your customers, every time
  • Deliver strong data integrations to ensure you and your customers can easily work across Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365 business applications, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Provide reliable cloud-based digital transformation solutions and services delivered via Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud platform for Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Increase productivity with digital workflows and e-signatures


Unlocking the Value of the Adobe + Microsoft Partnership 


Use this deck as an overview of the value that the Adobe + Microsoft Partnership brings

Bringing the Adobe + Microsoft Partnership to Life


A recent blog post outlining the integrations already available and the huge potential the partnership represents for developers. 

Grow your knowledge and skills on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales solution through the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

To support this partnership, Adobe partners will be able to access the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) – an integrated learning portal and a single destination for partners to consume on-demand Dynamics training content in levels 100 (beginner), 200 (intermediate) and 300+ (advanced). The DLP offers you access to readiness learning plans, scheduled in-person and virtual events occurring around the world, exam preparation guides, assessments, and download of course materials. 

  • Access DLP today
    Learn more and access a 90-day DLP free trial at
  • Access to Learning Plan on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales in DLP
    We have created a detailed learning plan with Microsoft Dynamics 365 assets to make Adobe partners proficient in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales solution.

Once you can access DLP, click here to download the Learning Plan 

Key Adobe Contacts

             Chris Savoy
             Adobe + Microsoft Partner Channel Sales Lead

             Corey Heinz
             Strategic and Emerging Business

Microsoft Dynamics Partners Invited to Join Adobe Solution Partner Program (SPP)

Adobe’s partnering strategy for Adobe Marketing Cloud is primarily focused on co-selling with Partners like you. Generally, Adobe will process licensing transactions directly and Adobe Partners focus on delivering world-class professional services. 

Membership in Adobe SPP is FREE and registration takes less than five minutes. Click here for step-by-step instructions to join the program and receive a login to begin accessing information on the Adobe Solution Partner Portal

New SPP Members Can Immediately Access Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution Training

Once you have successfully joined Adobe SPP, you can access training on Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Training paths are customized to your role in your organization (technical or sales roles). To begin your training path (once you are an Adobe SPP member), start here.

Are you a Microsoft ISV partner?

If you are a Microsoft ISV/technology partner, please join the Adobe Exchange partner program for Adobe Experience Cloud, tailored to meet the needs of technology and data companies.

Key Adobe Contacts

             Chris Savoy
             Adobe + Microsoft Partner Channel Sales Lead

             Corey Heinz
             Strategic and Emerging Business

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