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New Analytics Certification Exams and Practice Tests Available

New practice exams offer a preview of the real exam.

Adobe Analytics is one of the most in-demand Adobe Experience Cloud skills. Earning an Analytics certification is a validation of your technical skills and expertise and can be a powerful differentiator from the competition.

Since Adobe has released many new features and capabilities for Analytics in the past couple of years, we updated the business practitioner and developer certification exams. New exams ensure that our partners have the cutting-edge knowledge that customers require.

If you already have an Analytics certification that is expiring soon, the renewal exam ensures that you know how to use newer capabilities that were not available when you last passed the exam. Continue reading to learn more about why and how to take the renewal exam, or check out the article about recertification.

New resources to help you prepare and pass

One way we are helping partners successfully pass the Analytics certification exam is by providing new resources that allow you to gauge your knowledge before attempting the certification exam:

  • Readiness questionnaires help you assess if you meet the minimum qualifications to pass the certification exam. The questionnaire asks if you have specific hands-on experience and application knowledge expected of someone who is certified.
  • Practice tests have the same number of questions and same subject areas as the actual exam. Take the practice test to understand what the real test is like and what domains you might need to study to pass. 

You can find the readiness questionnaire and practice test in the exam guides.

Guides for Adobe Analytics Certified Expert Exams*
Review the following new Certified Expert exam guides:

Have an existing Analytics certification? Take the shorter renewal exam

You can get recertified by taking the shorter, lower-cost renewal exam. This option is available to you if your existing certification hasn’t expired yet. Practice exams and readiness questionnaires are not available for the following exams.

Guides for Adobe Analytics Certified Expert Renewal Exams*
Review the following new Certified Expert renewal exam guides:

See the Certification page* for all certification exam guides and general information about the exams, pricing, and other details. As we update existing exams, we’ll be adding practice exams and readiness questionnaires for more Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

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See the Certification FAQ* for many of the most commonly asked certification, voucher, and badge questions. You can also email SPPHelp@adobe.com or chat with the Adobe SPP Help team.


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