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Marketo Certified Exam Sale – Get 50 Percent Off through June 30th

Ready, set, go! Buy your Marketo Certified Exam voucher at its lowest price all year.

Have you been preparing for Marketo certification? Now is a good time to lock in a low price with this special promotion. The 50 percent discount applies to Marketo Certified Professional and Expert exams in all regions. Marketo Certified Master is excluded from this promotion.

Prices are in USD

Normal price Global/India Sale Price - Global

Sale price - India

Marketo Certified Professional
$125/$84 $62.50 $47.50
Marketo Certified Expert $225/$150 $112.50 $75.00

Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts.

How to buy your voucher

Visit the new Adobe Certification Voucher Center to buy your discounted voucher. For more on the new voucher purchase process, including other discounts, see our article on how you can easily buy certification vouchers in the new Adobe Certification Voucher Center.

Choose the best exam for your skillset

We recently released a new Marketo Certified Expert Business Practitioner exam that is designed to test the competency of business practitioners. Marketo Engage Champions, in coordination with Adobe Marketo Experts, helped evaluate the role and create this new exam to replace the older version. The previous exam, AD0-E552, also known as the MCE, will retire on December 31, 2021.

When a new exam becomes available, candidates can choose which exam best suits their needs while the older version is still available. Adobe encourages candidates to take the newer exam, when possible, because it covers recent application capabilities and current in-demand skills.

To see all certification exam guides and partner learner journeys that detail the best training to take, visit the Certification page and the Marketo Partner Learner Journey.

 Marketo Certified 
Exam Guide
Exam prep Learning Resources
Expert – retiring 12/31/21 Business Practitioner AD0-E552     Sample test (30 questions)
Consider attending the exam prep course in June or July. Use your ADLS discount for a lower price.*  
Expert – new
Business Practitioner AD0-E554
Practice test (50 questions)  
Explore the Readiness Questionnaire to see if you have the skills and knowledge to pass the exam
Professional Business Practitioner AD0-E551 N/A  

*Adobe Digital Learning Services discount is available to Bronze and above partners. Contact SPP Help to get your discount code.

ADLS Discounts:

  • 15% Bronze
  • 25% Silver
  • 30% Gold and Platinum

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