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Industry Resources to Inspire and Sell

New industry selling resources for Media & Entertainment, Retail, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, and others.

Your clients and prospects continue to face challenges and shifting priorities as the pandemic remains an ever-present factor in their approach to doing business. Fortunately, many have adapted and are discovering new ways to deliver customer experiences digitally that ease the lives of their customers during this time. It’s highly likely that many of the new ways they’re interacting with customers digitally are here to stay—even after the pandemic recedes. Can you say “Yes, please!” to ordering groceries online and picking them up curbside?

To help you sell and inspire your clients and prospects during this time, we’ve added nearly 40 new resources across all industries on the Industries page of the Portal*. These resources include customer pitch decks, customer stories and videos, on-demand webinars, white papers, and more. Here are some highlights of what’s new by industry:

Media & Entertainment

As people around the world shifted from going out to movies, shows, and sporting events to settling in at home to experience activities and events online, your clients in the Media & Entertainment industry had to rapidly step up to meet the demand for content and deliver experiences in new ways. At the same time, your telco, cable company, and internet service provider clients were experiencing increased demands to use their offerings to connect with friends and family, for work, to shop online, and the list goes on.

Check out eight new Media & Entertainment resources* that show how Adobe solutions are helping clients in this industry address these new ways of serving customers as they create opportunity. For example, in Gaming Is the New Frontier for Customer Experience, discover how gaming is the often-overlooked opportunity for customer experience—it’s not just a favorite of teenage boys, grandmas are getting in on the action. And in Telecommunications Customer Success Stories, take a look at 11 customer success stories from telcos who are pushing Adobe solutions to the max to meet or exceed their customers’ needs while saving on costs and increasing revenue for their business.


It’s an understatement to say that for your Retail clients, the pandemic has likewise had a pronounced impact. Contactless payments and buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) are the norm—they’re a convenience that customers will want from now on. Retailers are also building loyalty by stepping up during a time of crisis, offering free grocery delivery to senior citizens and donating items to healthcare workers. Customers notice this, and they want to do business with retailers who give in this way.

Discover seven new resources for Retail * that can help you inspire your Retail clients to use Adobe Solutions to succeed. For example, Adobe Advantage for Retail: Shaping Up to New Realities shows the impact of the pandemic on Retail by looking at retail pre-COVID and during COVID, and how Adobe Experience Cloud can help them compete.

Financial Services

Financial Services also had to reinvent as the pandemic shut down branches and in-person meetings with financial advisors. They had to quickly pivot to figure out how to help customers who were facing losses of jobs and the inability to make payments. Many are looking at the long game, and realizing that their support now through actions like deferred payments, waived fees, and even charitable donations to critical and timely causes are building loyalty by making the relationship more personal. 

Take a look at seven new resources for Financial Services* that show how your clients can use Adobe solutions to help their individual and business customers navigate these challenging times. For example, Personalized Experiences in Financial Services shows how your clients can use Adobe Target to discover and deliver the experiences that best meet their customers’ needs using a variety of capabilities, from A/B testing to automated targeting and recommendations using Adobe Sensei AI.

Travel & Hospitality

For Travel & Hospitality*, be sure to take a look at six new resources, ranging from a Journey Orchestration pitch deck to a messaging and positioning deck around digital transformation in the hotel industry in 2021 and a focus on how COVID has launched a new era for dining in the digital age.

Public Sector

Take a look at five new Public Sector resources*, including decks filled with North American and global customer success stories and decks that explain how your public sector clients can succeed by working with Microsoft and Adobe through the Adobe Public Sector and Microsoft Partnership.

B2B/High Tech, Healthcare, and Automotive

Check out three new resources for B2B/High Tech*, including pitch decks and a new use cases deck chock full of ways your high tech company clients can use Experience Cloud solutions to succeed. For the Healthcare* sector and Automotive* industry, get ready to sell with new pitch decks.

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