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Meet the 2021 Sales Plays

Build pipeline and reach your targets with new Sales Plays.

We’re excited to announce 20 new Sales Plays for you to use in 2021. Sales Plays give you the background and resources you need to best position Adobe Experience Cloud technology to prospects and clients. The Use Cases you previously used have been retired, but the value of those Use Cases has been captured in the Sales Play strategy.

The new Sales Plays fall into one of two main categories—Portfolio Plays and Application Plays. Portfolio Plays position the entire Experience Cloud technology stack in ways that solve more complex problems around digital transformation. These plays will feel similar to multi-application Use Cases in years past. In contrast, Application Plays package one to three Adobe products to address a specific business need, with one of the Adobe products being the lead offer in the play.

Portfolio Sales Plays*

  • Digital Transformation - Builds on the ever more critical need your clients have to do much or all of their business digitally.
  • Martech Rationalization - Shows your recognition of the pressures your clients face to simplify their marketing technology stack onto a single platform and reduce technology debt.
  • Personalization at Scale - Addresses your clients’ customers’ demand for highly relevant experiences every time, everywhere, and on every device.

Application Sales Plays*

  • Enterprise Work Management (1 Sales Play) - Provides your clients a way to centrally manage work, align resources and effort with strategic priorities, and deliver measurable outcomes.
  • B2C Customer Journey (3 Sales Plays available now) - Enables your clients to build cross-channel customer journeys that convert.
  • B2B Marketing (2 Sales Plays) - Helps your clients sell their products and services to business customers with long sales cycles with complex offering evaluations.
  • Commerce (2 Sales Plays) - Empowers your clients to offer unique shopping experiences from a single ecommerce platform, whether B2C, B2B, or D2C.  
  • Content (4 Sales Plays) - Addresses your clients’ pressure to centralize and scale creation, management, and delivery of content to customers.
  • Data and Insights (3 Sales Plays) - Provides your clients with key insights about their customers and audiences to optimize and personalize the customer journey.
  • Digital Document Management (1 Sales Play) - Overcomes the challenges clients have with paper-based data capture and workflows.
  • Enterprise Management Platform (1 Sales Play) - Solves the enterprise-wide technical challenge of delivering personalized and real-time customer experiences at scale across channels.
  • Enterprise Work Management (1 Sales Play—coming soon) - Provides your clients a way to centrally manage work, align resources and effort with strategic priorities, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Resources for each Sales Play

Each Sales Play explains the intended audience, the challenge it addresses, and the solutions included. A field positioning deck is included that defines the Sales Play, opportunity, target customer, qualifying criteria, and key messages. In addition, each Sales Play provides a customer pitch deck that can be tailored for meeting with individual prospects or clients. The deck discusses critical topics such as the prospect or client’s objectives and challenges, addressing those challenges with Adobe technology, their digital environment, and next steps.

Access Sales Plays

Visit the Sales Plays page and navigate to the individual sales plays by clicking on the appropriate solution category. 

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