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Marketo and Magento Credential Exams Moving to New Platforms

The PSI and Examity platforms will support all exams for Adobe learners

All Marketo and Magento learners pursuing certification will be able to take their exams using Adobe’s preferred exam vendors, PSI and Examity, as well as schedule their exams and manage their credentials using the Adobe Credential Manager. You can refer to the How to Log In to Adobe Credential Manager guide for instructions or watch this short video.

This means that Marketo and Magento exams will be migrating from their existing platforms and only PSI and Examity will be supported.  The dates of these migrations are as follows:


  • Starting May 25, 2020 Marketo Certification Exams will no longer be offered through Kryterion.
  • Marketo University will transition from offering its exams on the Webassessor platform to Adobe’s preferred exam vendors, PSI and Examity. You may start booking exams via these vendors beginning June 1st.
  • Marketo learners can read the LinkedIn post or the  FAQ for more information.


  • Currently slated for August 2020, Magento will be migrating from Kryterion, which is the Magento Certification Exam delivery for online proctored and testing center exams, to Adobe’s preferred exam systems from PSI and Examity.
  • There will be a blackout period between August 10 and August 16 during which Magento learners will be unable to register for or take a Magento certification exam while we migrate our systems.
  • Magento learners may continue to register for exams through Webassessor until the blackout period.
  • Magento learners can read the Magento Certification & Training for SPP FAQ for more information.

For users new to PSI and Examity and to the Adobe certification program, please use the Adobe Digital Learning Services FAQ for information on exam registration, exam preparation, the Adobe Credential Manager, and more (you may have to scroll down until you find the section relevant to your question).

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Certification Support.