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Accolades for Accordant

Get to know the most Specialized Partner in Asia Pacific.

Our Partners keep raising the bar and Accordant is leading the pack in Asia Pacific!

Accordant Isobar (Accordant) became the world’s first agency to specialize in Adobe Target and Adobe Advertising Cloud Demand-Side Platform, the first partner in Asia Pacific to specialize in both Adobe Advertising Cloud Search and Adobe Audience Manager, and they currently hold the most Specializations (5) for a single agency in Asia Pacific.

In addition, Accordant is one of the five leading agencies that Adobe has partnered with to implement the first-ever Adobe Advertising Ambassador Program, which serves to educate, train and drive Partners’ expertise across Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager and Advertising Cloud.

We caught up with Scott King, COO and Co-founder of Accordant, to get a few of his tips and tricks for building a successful Adobe practice. See Scott’s advice for getting Specialized in an Adobe solution below.

Scott King

COO and Co-founder, Accordant

Q: Congratulations on Accordant’s Specialization accomplishments! What motivates your company to achieve these Solution Partner Program (SPP) record-breaking goals?

The motivation for Accordant Isobar to achieve these ‘record-breaking’ specializations across all the Adobe Solutions is three-fold:

Firstly, we believe we operate in a tight knit industry of talented agencies, with an ever-increasing competitive landscape and strong partner presence from the likes of global agencies in region. As such, we believe achieving Specialization provides customers and prospects with an additional level of reassurance that they are engaging an agency that has been vetted at all levels by the vendor themselves.

Achieving the full range of Specializations across Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign, Target, Advertising Cloud and Experience Manager, uniquely positions us with demonstrated capability to provide full end-to-end and best-in-class digital marketing services.

Secondly, we believe in a strong working partnership between ourselves and Adobe, which means investing in their partner programs and giving back by supporting initiatives such as the Specialization program.

Finally, we have a very driven staff culture and the team genuinely takes a great deal of pride in demonstrating their best-in-market knowledge and capabilities. Specialization is another way of highlighting the induvial contribution and enabled team culture.

Q: How has Specialization impacted your Adobe solution practice?

Adobe’s Specialization Program provides an independent proof point that customers can reference when determining agency capability. As a data driven agency, we like to ensure we have data points to prove our credibility when going to market and talking to customers or prospects.

As such, when speaking with customers we can highlight the fact that our capability is backed by independent, vendor-led accreditations such as Adobe Specializations.

Q: What SPP benefits or resources does Accordant find most valuable?

Access to solution sandboxes allows us to innovate and push the envelope of product capability outside of our clients’ environments.

Q: As the current record holder for most Specializations earned by a single agency in Asia Pacific, what advice can you share with new partners who aspire to grow their Adobe practice and earn Specialization status?

Invest the time, commit the budgets and empower the individuals on your team to put in the work and hours required to achieve the Specialization.


Thank you, Scott, for sharing more about Accordant’s journey as an Adobe Solution Partner. Congratulations to Accordant for all their achievements and keep up the amazing work!

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