FY19 Changes to Adobe Solution Partner Program

Learn about changes in the Adobe SPP, including new financial incentives, new technical and sales enablement events, new certifications and Specializations, updated Rules of Engagement, and SPP membership fees.

Last month, I outlined the strategic priorities that are shaping our partner program in 2019: driving new license bookings growth fueled by Partner Created (formerly called Partner Organic, or when our Partners originate, qualify and co-sell opportunities with us) and supercharging partner development. As promised, I am following up to share several changes in support of these priorities, and to position Adobe + Partners for success this year. Additionally, you can learn more about these changes on the Adobe Solution Partner portal and in the upcoming 2019 Solution Partner Program Updates webinar on Tuesday, January 29th. Please register here.

More Enablement: We Heard You!
Many of you have underscored the need for more technical and sales enablement in conversations throughout the year, as well as in the recent Solution Partner Program (SPP) survey, which garnered the highest participation rate to date.

We are enhancing our enablement offerings to include:

  • An expanded set of more than 90 sales and technical training events across the regions coming in the first half of 2019
  • A Technical Sales Professional credential enhancing Partners’ technical sales skills to help accelerate deal cycles and revenue generation and Professional Badges that reflect knowledge acquired through completed coursework
  • New certifications for Adobe Audience Manager Architect, Adobe Campaign Standard Developer and Business Practitioner, and Adobe Advertising Cloud – DSP; currently slated for the first half of 2019
  • New Specializations for AEM Forms, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Campaign Standard coming in the first half of 2019

And, of course, please keep in mind the wealth of resources we continue to offer to partners, such as access to sandboxes, numerous sales tools and resources in the Adobe Sales Atlas including ValueSelling Framework® training, expanded Partner Development support to build enablement plans, and financial incentives to offset selling costs and grow your Adobe practice. 

If you are an Adobe practice lead, please ensure every member of your delivery team is registered with the SPP. Permissions are granted at the individual level, so ensuring that everyone on your team is registered will allow them to take full advantage of program benefits, including portal resources that are gated for members only, and key SPP updates.

New Financial Incentives for Partner-Created Opportunities
As we shared in December, we are placing extra emphasis on the Partner Created (formerly called Partner Organic) sales motion. Partner Created is when our partners leverage their account base, relationships and demand generation capabilities to originate, qualify and co-sell opportunities with us.

Partners participating in the Deal Registration financial incentive program can now earn up to 20% of ASV for Partner Created deals (previously 15%). Partners participating in the Co-Marketing Funds (CMF) financial incentive program will now be eligible to earn up to 15% of ASV, uncapped, for Partner Created deals (previously 10%, uncapped). Please see the new CMF and DR guidelines on the financial incentives page of the SPP portal for more details.

Even though we are adding a new financial incentive for Partner Created deals, we are not diminishing our support for other partner selling motions. Your role in helping us qualify and/or co-sell opportunities that we originate remains crucial.  

Rules of Engagement Changes
Each year we work with you to ensure our Rules of Engagement are fair and transparent. While we made great strides last year we are augmenting our Rules of Engagement to further increase trust and predictability between Adobe and our partners to support our objective to drive more Partner Created opportunities

For Partner Created opportunities, the Rules of Engagement have been updated to state that beyond Launch Foundation Service requirements (where applicable), partners will be assured of the services opportunity on deals they create. Adobe account executives will not engage Adobe Consulting Services with the client unless requested by the regional Partner Sales Leader.   

Program Fees: Reinvesting in Partner Success
To allow us to invest in these changes and further evolve our offerings and benefits, we will begin charging Adobe SPP membership fees in 2019. These fees will vary by member level and region (from $25K per year for our Global Alliance Partners to no fee for Community Partners who are transitioning into a co-sell relationship with Adobe). The effective dates covered by the program fees are from March 1st through February 28th of each year. This year’s fees will not be due until May 31, 2019. Magento partners who have already paid through March 31, 2019 will then be charged 11/12th of the annual Magento fee to align with the Adobe fee cycle (of March 1st through Feb. 28th of each year).

2019 membership in the Adobe SPP will come with a new benefit: Adobe Certified Expert exam vouchers that you can use to further develop your internal talent pool and ability to serve joint clients and grow your Adobe practice.  Please see the Adobe SPP Fees FAQs for details and pricing structure.

2019: The Year of Incredible Opportunity & Growth
I hope you share my excitement about the opportunity before us. We’re significantly expanding the value and breadth of Adobe’s portfolio through Magento and Marketo, bringing the Adobe Experience Platform to market, and continuing to lead the industry through groundbreaking partnerships such as our Open Data Initiative. The growth potential – for Adobe and for our partners -- has never been greater.

Ultimately, our actions must speak louder than words, so we hope our commitment to your success is evident in the changes we’ve made for 2019. As always, we welcome your feedback through your partner managers and through our SPP team (spphelp@adobe.com).


Thank you for your partnership. Together, we can make 2019 a year of incredible opportunity and growth!