Got Leads?

Get rewarded with an additional 5% incentive for net-new, Partner-organic deals--learn more !

As the end of Adobe's Q4 approaches (November 30, 2018), we'd like to offer you an extra incentive as you cultivate new leads and accelerate momentum into 2019.  Under our Power Up New Lead Generation Campaign, you’ll be eligible to receive an  additional 5% incentive on top of the traditional 5% Source-of-Lead incentive, for up to a maximum of $100,000 (instead of the standard $50,000) for net-new, Partner-organic deals.

Here’s the fine print (and see the guidelines for complete eligibility requirements):

  • The opportunities must be created in Q4 FY2018 between October 12, 2018 and November 30, 2018, and close before the end of Q4 FY2019 (November 29, 2019).
  • You must both source the lead and qualify the opportunity.
  • The opportunity must be Partner organic -- created by you, the Partner, or an Adobe Partner Sales Manager, not by another Adobe Sales team member.
  • You must be a member of Adobe’s Solution Partner Program and be currently eligible for deal registration incentives.

The Power Up New Lead Generation Campaign is in addition to any other standard incentives found in the Adobe Solution Partner Program Deal Registration Guidelines regardless of the transaction location. Opportunities that are artificially closed so a new opportunity can be created will not qualify for this campaign.

Please see your partner manager if you have questions after reviewing the guidelines. Thank you for all you do to make our customers successful -- here’s to a strong finish to the quarter!