Adobe Joins Microsoft and SAP in Founding the Open Data Initiative

The Open Data Initiative reimagines customer experience management and allows customers to move beyond CRM with a seamless flow of behavioral, transactional and operations customer data.


Adobe and Microsoft have been working together for the past two years to connect content, data and business processes to help enterprises transform their customer experience. This partnership continues to gain traction among enterprise customers as we bring joint solutions to market. More than 100 enterprises now leverage Adobe and Microsoft joint digital experience offerings.

Today, we announced another milestone in our partnership with Microsoft. Together we’re joining forces with SAP on the Open Data Initiative to reimagine customer experience management and allow customers to move beyond CRM. The Open Data Initiative will enable a seamless flow of customer data - behavioral, transactional and operational - enabling enterprises to readily access and derive more value from their data so they can deliver world-class customer experiences in real time. 

Giving our customers the ability to better harness all of the data at their disposal – and allowing them to intelligently stitch these data sources together is the first, and most important step to unlocking the possibilities of customer experience management and allowing customers to move beyond CRM.  Adobe Experience Platform (formerly known as Adobe Cloud Platform) further enables our shared vision by centralizing customer data from all sources using the Open Data Initiative’s common data model, and runs AI services powered by Adobe Sensei to deliver actionable insights across any channel in milliseconds.

While the Open Data Initiative will not be a specific offering we sell to customers, Adobe, Microsoft and SAP will bring separate components to support the initiative. Once Adobe Experience Platform becomes generally available, I’m looking forward to expanded opportunities for our partner community.

We anticipate more details will be available in December, including information on training. In the interim, please reach out to your partner manager if you have questions or see the press release and blog available on

As I said just last week when I shared the news about Marketo, this is an incredible time to be an Adobe partner. Our momentum has never been greater and I’m thrilled to have our SPP partner community on this journey with us.

Jay Dettling
VP, Global Partners, Adobe