Top 10 Webinars – voted by your peers

See what’s interested your peers in 2018. Check out our selection of top webinars below.

  1. Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 Release
    See how Adobe Experience Manager continues to evolve. The latest release of Adobe Experience Manager increases your ability to source and author great content for your clients.

  2. Experience Driven Commerce for Magento
    Learn about Adobe & Magento’s unique value props, use cases, and how you can get started with new opportunities building on Magento technology.

  3. Building the Modern Web with Adobe Experience Manager
    Dive into the Single Page Application opportunity with Adobe Experience Manager and learn how the AEM 6.4 SPA Editor offers a comprehensive solution for supporting single page applications – so you can continue to deliver the power of AEM.

  4. Inside Adobe Campaign Integrations: Data, Content & Delivery
    Data fuels the customer journey and informs most marketing decisions. But in order to make data-driven decisions, marketers need an accessible, consistent view of consumers across online and offline touchpoints. In this session, learn how Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager combine to help you derive more insights into customer behavior — and become a more data-driven marketer. 

  5. Supercharge Growth with Proven Differentiators, featuring Forrester
    Hear from Adobe and guest presenter Forrester on the most critical digital competencies today and how they can translate to services opportunities for digital agencies and consultancies.

  6. Get Started with GDPR & Adobe
    Help your clients focus on consumer privacy while continuing to deliver amazing experiences. This session covers what Adobe is doing to combat GDPR readiness and how you can help your clients get started today. 

  7. Enterprise Digital Asset Management
    Extend your practice, generate more revenue, and land-and-expand to other Adobe products leveraging AEM Assets. See how next gen AI and machine learning capabilities have made AEM Assets sleeker, smarter, and faster time-to-value.

  8. Dynamic Marketing with Adobe & Microsoft
    Learn how the Adobe and Microsoft partnership continues to mature, evolve, and provide partners with new routes to revenue while solving real business problems and delighting our customers.

  9. Adobe Target – Experience Optimization
    Dig into new capabilities in Adobe Target that will help you personalize and optimize your client's practices. We'll share key integrations, use cases, and services opportunities to help you stay ahead.

  10. AEM 6.4 – Upgrading for Success
    Learn how to upgrade your instances of AEM to the latest release, AEM 6.4. Discover the what’s changed between releases and the new tools that help make in-place upgrades easier to plan and execute.

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