Experience Business and the CIO: How to talk to IT

The CIO and the IT organization play a critical role in digital transformation. These resources can help you discuss customer experience in the language of IT.

IT is becoming more central to the sales process for Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. And that’s a good thing for you and for Adobe. While it may seem difficult to speak IT’s language, it’s critical that we understand their role in digital transformation and their potential as champions of our solutions. In fact, when IT is involved deeply and early in the buying process, the following benefits occur:

  • There’s less chance of a late-breaking veto that nixes a deal
  • There’s more cross-functional perspective to identify key solution requirements
  • There’s better alignment between Marketing’s expectations for a solution and IT’s plan to implement and deliver on it

But IT expects content to be tailored to their questions and needs. Giving them a standard marketing pitch—or marketing-focused content—won’t earn their trust. That’s why global primary research is being done to better understand the mindset of various IT personas you may encounter in deals.

Below are several resources on the Partner portal (you will need to be logged in) that you can take advantage of today:

*IT research in APAC is underway and will be added when complete.