Three New Q4 Incentives for Partners!

To help make Q4 another incredible quarter and to start FY18 with strong momentum, Adobe is offering three limited-time incentive campaigns for Partners.

Let’s work together to make Q4 a Power Quarter, one of our best quarters ever! To help you power up in Q4 and set the stage for a strong FY18, we are offering three limited-time incentive campaigns. 

Power Up Architecture and Launch (A&L) Services Campaign (Americas, EMEA, APAC)

In all regions where A&L Services are currently available (Americas, EMEA, APAC) Adobe will offer an additional 10% incentive for Partners who help sell-with or sell-through on Adobe A&L Services.

In a sell-with scenario (Adobe contracts A&L Services with the end-customer), Partners can earn the 10% incentive on top of the existing 5% co-selling of services incentive for a total of 15%.

For Partners in a sell-through scenario — where the Partner buys A&L Services packages directly from Adobe and sells them to the end-customer — Adobe will offer the Partner a new 10% incentive.

This limited time A&L Services incentive is in effect for opportunities that close between Adobe's FY17 Q4 and FY18 Q1, or from September 2, 2017 to March 2, 2018. Please note this incentive applies to A&L services only and does not include other AGS services.

Power Up New Lead Generation Campaign (Global)

For Partners that drive net-new pipeline in Q4 (i.e. generate a new lead in Q4, which ends on Friday, December 1, 2017), Adobe will provide an addition 5% incentive if the deal closes before the end of FY18 (Nov. 30, 2018). 

Power Up Co-Selling Campaign (Americas and EMEA)

We have many Strategic and Vertical license deals in process. If you help close any of these deals in Q4 (which ends Friday, December 1, 2017), we will offer a 5% rebate (per deal) for your license co-selling activity. Documents* validating your co-selling involvement are required. That’s in addition to the standard rebates of 5% for sourcing and 5% for qualifying a license deal (so you could earn up to a 15% rebate on a qualifying license deal). Please talk to your Adobe Partner sales contact to see if any of your deals have been identified as a Strategic or Vertical deal. If you do not know who your Partner sales contact is, please contact

These campaigns apply to all Partners participating in Deal Registration or CMF. These campaigns are subject to the Partner Campaigns and Impact to Deal Registration Rebates FY17Q4 document and the Partner Campaigns and Impact to CMF Incentives FY17Q4 document.

*=Documents validating your co-selling (Sales stage 4 to Deal Close) involvement alongside the Adobe Sales Team, include: Evidence of meetings between the client and the Adobe Sales team;  Proof of concept (POC) documents or demonstrations that utilizes the products recommended in the registration; Statement of work (SOW), proposal, recommendation or other formal  communication to the end user with Adobe products as significant component.