Financial Incentives Open for Community Partners!

Adobe is opening up the financial incentives with the Deal Registration benefit to Community Partners in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Partners can use these incentives to build their Adobe Practice and grow their business.

Community Partners now qualify for Deal Registration financial incentives within the Adobe Solution Partner Program!

Sounds great, but what does this mean?
Community Partners may receive a 5% incentive for sourcing a license deal, a 5% incentive for qualifying a license deal, and a 5% incentive for co-selling a services deal in accordance with the  Adobe Solution Partner Program Guide and the Adobe Solution Partner Program Deal Registration Guidelines. Once a qualified deal closes, you become eligible for the applicable incentive(s) to help offset your selling costs

Two conditions must be met to become eligible:

  1. You must register the deal.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with Deal Registration training. We’ve set up a recurring training that you can register for here. Even if you can’t attend, please register for one of these training sessions and we will send you a recording of the training. Alternatively, you can download training resources here.

2. You must be in compliance with the Deal Registration Guidelines.

 You can find the Deal Registration Guidelines for your region here:

All Deal Registration financial benefits will be governed by the Adobe Solution Partner Program Agreement, the Adobe Solution Partner Program Guide, and the Adobe Deal Registration Guidelines, all of which are available on the Adobe Solution Partner Portal

We are excited to extend this benefit to our Community Partners, who are increasingly making a significant contribution to Adobe and to our joint customers' success. We hope this benefit will help you grow your Adobe practice and positively impact your business.

If you have questions, please contact your Adobe Partner manager or reach out to