Let’s Build on Our Success: 3 Challenges

After seven months on the job, Jay discusses what he has observed so far in Adobe’s most successful Partnerships and issues three challenges to help build momentum, delight customers and drive revenue.

I’ve been with Adobe for about seven months now and I’m seeing some real momentum building in our business. There are multiple reasons for this growing success, but chief among them are the vibrancy of our Partner ecosystem and the big bets we are placing on customer and Partner success.  I’d like to outline a few things I’ve been seeing recently that are contributing to our joint success, as well as issue a few challenges.

Early Alignment = Happier Customers 

I’m seeing a clear pattern in some of our most successful Partnerships. The earlier we align around how to pursue an opportunity together – we align on the sales and the delivery processes, for example – the better experience and outcome for the customer.  Things go more smoothly.  You are happier.  We are happier. The customer is happier.  

My challenge is to please start joint planning and alignment, for each opportunity, earlier!
 Let’s make sure there are clear and mutually agreed upon delineations and expectations between your role and Adobe’s role in the opportunity as soon as possible and before such things are discussed with the customer. This means as a Partner you really need to be talking regularly with your Regional Account Manager or your Global Account Manager. In fact, I’m challenging my team to make this standard operating practice.

If we can jointly commit to this simple practice, everyone wins.

Adobe + Microsoft = More Opportunity

Microsoft and Adobe continue to invest in our Partnership. There’s real momentum building that is translating into opportunities for our Partner ecosystem. 

I was asked to present at Microsoft Inspire 2017, a conference for Microsoft Partners, in mid-July with Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s EVP of Worldwide Commercial Business. Together, we outlined the benefits of the Adobe + Microsoft Partnership and the incredible opportunity before us as part of the Experience Business wave. SapientRazorfish and Sephora then joined us onstage to demonstrate how, as an Adobe and Microsoft Partner, SapientRazorfish used its Adobe, Microsoft, and machine learning expertise to build highly relevant, targeted campaigns for Sephora driven by data and insight. 

I mention this presentation because it’s a perfect example of the incredible value that Partners can bring using solutions from Adobe and Microsoft.  Leveraging the resources available via Adobe I/O – developer-focused product documentation, APIs, etc. – Partners can add their own expertise to the equation and create unique solutions that meet the needs of our joint customers. 

You can watch the 13-mintue presentation here (begin at the 58:19 mark). 

My challenge to you is to become a Microsoft Partner (if you aren’t already) and grow your knowledge and skills on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
You can apply for a 90-day Dynamics Learning Portal trial here.  We also have assets about existing integrations between Adobe and Microsoft here. Please take the time to get up to speed on the opportunities this partnership gives you and our joint customers. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys = Increased Customer & Partner Success

As part of the level requirements within the Adobe Solution Partner Program (SPP), we ask Business level and above Partners to demonstrate annually that they are delivering successful customer deployments. To make this process easier, we are providing a convenient, online form to help Partners submit the names and contacts of the customers associated with their successful deployments. More details on the information you will need to gather and submit, as well as a link to the form, can be found here

We have made the additional investment of retaining a highly-respected, independent analyst firm to survey these customers and analyze the results. The results of these customer satisfaction surveys are confidential and will be shared with you. Results may also be used to: 

  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement within a Partner’s Adobe practice
  • Create an aggregated, anonymous benchmark for Partners to gauge the health, strength and trajectory of their Adobe practice relative to their peers
  • Recognize high-performing Partners with awards that demonstrate deployment excellence and competitive differentiation
  • Optimize the training curricula that Adobe provides
  • Adjust certification, Specialization or SPP level requirements to match changing market conditions or changing customer needs

My challenge is for each of you (at Business level and above) to submit contacts from your successful customer deployments by November 1st and take advantage of the insights gleaned from these surveys to make your Adobe practice even better.

As you can see, this summer is filled with exciting developments designed to increase the value of your Partnership with Adobe and to help drive revenue from your Adobe practice.

As always, please drop me an email at dettling@adobe.com if I or my team may be of service.