What’s New in AEM 6.3 – Q&A with Adobe’s Aseem Chandra

Adobe Global Partners Vice President Jay Dettling recently sat down with Aseem Chandra, Adobe’s VP of AEM & Target, to discuss the Partner benefits of Adobe’s Experience Cloud and the release of Adobe Experience Manager 6.3.

Jay: Last month at Summit we announced the Experience Cloud with three components: Analytics, Advertising and Marketing Clouds. What does the renewed Cloud strategy change for Partners? 

Aseem: Firstly, for our joint customers, it highlights Adobe’s vision and commitment to help brands better understand and transform the experiences they deliver to their consumers beyond marketing to also support and sales. The Experience Cloud represents tremendous growth opportunity for Partners. For agencies and system integrators who build their digital transformation and marketing practices with Adobe, the Experience Cloud helps them deliver digital experiences that engage customers and drive business growth to functional areas beyond marketing, in a more seamless manner. For ISV partners, there are more opportunities to connect to the platform and solutions, which offer greater joint value to customers. Also, the evolved Marketing Cloud puts renewed focus on the challenge brands have in connecting with their customers and optimizing the moments that matter in the journey. This will become tighter and more valuable as the integrations between AEM, Campaign and Target become stronger.

Jay: Now that Adobe Experience Manager is part of the new Marketing Cloud, does that impact our go-to-market (GTM) strategy for AEM 6.3?  

Aseem: Adobe Experience Manager will continue to focus on our vision that content fuels the Experience Business. Our GTM is driven by the needs of brands as they tackle the challenges around digital marketing and customer experience. When I look across the thousands of brands on AEM and their priorities, I see three common needs: 

  • Digital foundation for marketing and experiences that spans across organization silos.
  • Collaborative and smart system for content marketing and velocity.
  • Connected experience to break down the screen and device silos. 

The Marketing Cloud component of Adobe’s Experience Cloud addresses these needs and accelerates the work around them.

Jay: What are the key trends driving content and digital experiences?     

Aseem: The latest release address a few key market trends we see:

  • Consumers are engaging everywhere, and therefore companies need to manage not only the content on their owned properties but also the experiences that flow out to earned and paid destinations.
  • Experiences need to be real-time and personalized. Companies are creating 10x more content, and they need ways to source and manage assets at exponential scale.
  • There is great pressure for digital innovation across an explosion of different touch points and channels, resources are not increasing at the same pace. Therefore, brands are looking for ways to drive efficiencies in established channels so it frees up teams to tackle the emerging channels.

Jay: What aspect of AEM 6.3 are you most excited about and why? 

Aseem: In this release, we announced the the introduction of fluid experiences in AEM. This really helps brands connect with consumers everywhere at scale. The features of content and experience fragments plus content services make it possible to compose and deliver content on owned, earned and paid channels and touch points. During the sneaks at Adobe Summit, we even showed how AEM can drive non-visual experiences through a connection to Amazon Echo. The ways we are leveraging Adobe Sensei to optimize this is also exciting. For example, in AEM 6.3, Adobe Sensei AI is used to find optimal variations of content fragments to adapt to different devices and touch points. 

We’ve also increased the scale and performance of AEM Assets to handle the exponential growth of content that the brands we work with have. Richer integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and the newly available integration Livefyre means agencies and brands have direct access to both brand and user generated content all within Experience Manager.

Jay: What’s the most exciting set of features for Partners to drive efficiency and services growth with their clients?

Aseem: We delivered a set of core components and best practices for AEM that will make it faster to deliver on a foundational responsive website so that partners can drive greater efficiency. We’ve also invested further in AEM Screens in this release, which will support partners as they work with our joint customers on extending digital to a brand’s physical properties. 

Jay: How will this release affect how Partners drive success for their clients?

Aseem: The innovations in AEM 6.3 and the Adobe Experience Cloud platform ensures Adobe Partners have the most cutting-edge technology to support their digital transformation practices. This release really gives Partners the ability to think about a strategy that is cross-channel, with a clear path on extending it beyond mobile to IoT and other touch points such point-of-sale and even voice apps.  

Jay: How can Partners activate their teams on this new release? 

Aseem: Partners can get started with key AEM 6.3 resources available on the Solution Partner Portal today – we have a variety of new assets, trainings, and webinars to help you get started. We are also investing a lot in the ecosystem through Adobe Summit, IMMERSE developer conference for AEM, Symposiums, and richer training program through digital learning services and online resources.