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Gain Multi-Solution Expertise with AEM Technical Integration Training

Customers are tackling complex challenges, sometimes best solved by more than one solution. Developers and Architects are invited to register for an upcoming Adobe solution integration training designed to introduce the fundamentals along with guided instruction and hands-on exercises. Two sessions are now available, with more to come.

How to register for Adobe Technical Integration Training:

  1. Login to the Solution Partner Portal and select a session for more details or and to secure your spot.

Session times displayed are in Eastern Standard time. Use this helpful time zone converter to find the session that best suits your schedule.  

Adobe Experience Manager Integration with Adobe Campaign

In this hands-on course, you will explore how the AEM Content Management system integrates with Adobe Campaign. You will use AEM to create marketing campaigns and learn how to use personalization data from Campaign in AEM.

Agenda Day 1

  • Adobe Campaign: Overview
  • AEM & Newsletters: Brief Overview
  • Set up Adobe Campaign
  • Set up AEM
  • Integrate AEM with Adobe Campaign

Agenda Day 2

  • Create an Email delivery in Adobe Campaign
  • Push OOTB content from AEM to Adobe Campaign
  • Create a Campaign Workflow and Test Email Delivery
  • Create a custom newsletter template, page component & newsletter in AEM
  • Push custom content to Adobe Campaign and test email delivery
  • Segments and targeting

Adobe Experience Manager Integration with Adobe Target

In this hands-on course, you will focus on best practices when integrating Adobe AEM and Adobe Target to create personalized sites. You will also work extensively with the built-in Target components and learn best practices for using these components.


  • What is Adobe Activation?
  • Integrate AEM with Adobe Activation
  • Integrate Activation with Adobe Target
  • Integrate Adobe Target with AEM


Questions? SPPHelp@adobe.com