Getting the Most out of Adobe Summit

Jay Dettling, Vice President, Global Partners, shares some of the strategies his teams always utilized to help them cover the most ground, get the most info and make the most connections possible while attending strategic events like Adobe Partner Day and Adobe Summit.

Adobe Partner Day and Summit are next week and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there. As a partner executive for more than two decades, my teams and I have attended many Adobe Summits (and numerous other industry events, as well). We used a simple strategy to ensure we got the most out of our investments in any given show. We always had a pre-show meeting. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share some guidance on this. Specifically:

  • Have your Pre-Show Meeting…Now!
    • This seems basic and obvious, I know, but really, just have the meeting and have it before you attend your first Summit event.
  • Discuss Logistics
    • Where do you meet each morning/evening? Who is on booth duty? What is the event schedule? Does everyone have each other’s contact information? What events are you sponsoring and who is attending? You get the picture.
  • Define Your Summit objectives
    • Do this for your group, but also for each team member. This makes it much more likely that you will split up to better collect and learn and to be in as many places as possible. Traveling in a herd might be socially comforting, but strategically foolish.
  • Divide and Conquer
    • Plan the sessions you want your team to cover using the online session catalog. This tool will let you sort by session type, content track, product focus, audience type, industry focus and presentation style. Doing this can make sure your team covers as much relevant ground as possible, absorbing knowledge and sharpening skills.
    • Networking and social events abound at Summit. Dividing and conquering can ensure your team doesn’t miss out on networking and connection opportunities.
  • Give “Connection” Assignments
    • There may be an executive at Adobe, a customer or prospective customer you want to better connect with. Give your team members specific connection assignments. “You’ve got three days to make a connection with John Smith,” is a great assignment.  And it doesn’t need to be awkward. You can briefly introduce yourself and tee up a future, richer connection.

I hope you have your pre-show meeting soon (if you haven’t already) and that it helps you get the most out of the investment you’ve made in Adobe Partner Day and Summit.

See you at Summit!