Jay Dettling: Voice of the Partner at Adobe

Jay Dettling shares his commitment to use his experience as a Partner to represent the Voice of the Partner at Adobe and how together Adobe and Partners can navigate Digital Transformation to create customer success.

January marks my first full month as Vice President, Global Partners at Adobe. A critically important part of my role is acting as the Voice of the Partner at Adobe. I’m anxious to do just that, having walked in your shoes for the first 23 years of my career. I commit to using that experience and perspective, along with the insights I derive from my interactions with you, to be a voice for your needs and concerns.

Given my time on your side of the relationship, I see, for example, how dynamic our space is.  Technology is changing the conversations all of us are having with our joint clients. Digital transformation is increasingly top of mind. We need to consider and incorporate news ways of connecting, personalizing, targeting, delivering and tracking our messages and experiences.

For you, our Partners, this has tremendous impact. Many of you are transforming your own businesses and are innovating to find ways to attract, manage, organize and deliver changing sets of specialty skills. You are curating technology, marketing and creative talent under one roof!

Our joint customers are also significantly impacted as they struggle to transform and disrupt their own businesses to stay relevant. We need to ensure they understand the transformative power of what we, together, can do on their behalf.

I’m seeing this transformation at Adobe.  Just recently we moved the Partner Success Team, led by Eric Verbeek, from the Adobe Global Services team to report to me.  This move helps us further align our Partner-facing teams, ensuring we can work more seamlessly and quickly together and that we are moving in the same direction, measuring the same results and working to achieve the same objectives.

This constant state of change requires constant experimentation. In fact, we should call this The Great Age of Experimentation. While no one has the step-by-step playbook, we can, together, rapidly experiment and identify the principles, systems and best practices that will lead to our customers’ (and our) success.

So many challenges, but also so many opportunities. What an amazing time!

Please feel free to drop me an email at dettling@adobe.com. I want to hear from you, especially how you are navigating your own digital transformation in this dynamic market. I love this industry and am excited to work with you to delight and transform our customers and grow our businesses.


- Jay Dettling, Vice President, Global Partners