Adobe evolves Solution Partner Program to meet Partner and Customer needs

As part of Adobe’s ongoing commitment to customer success, the Solution Partner Program (SPP) is continuing to evolve. There are three main changes that improve the alignment of our Partners with Adobe’s go-to-market strategy, and help ensure maximum value for our joint customers.

Bookings requirements for each partner level within SPP are based on Annual Subscription Value (ASV) 

Instead of measuring partner financial contributions based on Total Subscription Value (TSV) as we had in the past, we are aligning partner leveling requirement with Adobe internal measurements that focus on ASV. This adjustment will help ensure goal alignment and clarity of joint business planning.

The following table outlines the shift from TSV to ASV. All other SPP requirements including Certifications and Specializations remain unchanged: 

During the fiscal 2017 transition year, Solution Partners can achieve a specific SPP level by meeting either the current TSV or new ASV bookings requirements. Beginning in fiscal 2018, bookings requirements will be met via the new ASV measurements.

The Global Alliance designation is being formalized as a level within the Adobe Solution Partner Program

The current structure of the Solution Partner Program is well-aligned with Adobe’s regional partners, however it does not fully recognize the partners whose contributions span geographic boundaries, and/or leverage a network of inter-connected entities. The formalization of the Global Alliance level includes specific program requirements and benefits.

Financial incentives within Deal Registration and Co-Marketing Fund (CMF) are moving from co-sell of licenses to a heavier weighting on earlier opportunity identification across license and services

We are aligning our financial incentives to match our go-to-market strategy and to support customer success. Deal Registration (DR) and Co-Marketing Fund (CMF) incentives will be funded at 5% for sourcing a lead, 5% for qualifying or maturing a lead into a license sales opportunity, and 5% for co-sell of Adobe Professional Services. All deals must be registered and approved for both DR and CMF. 

Timing of SPP Enhancements

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