Setting your new consultants up for success will provide big gains to your organization as you build your Adobe practice. Establishing an internal mentoring program to help your new Adobe consultants understand the Adobe Experience Cloud and how to most effectively present these solutions to your clients is important for the growth of your business. Here are resources to consider as you design your mentorship program to set up your new consultants for success.  

Adobe Consultant Mentorship Program
Mentor relationships provide your new consultants with the support they need to quickly learn what is necessary to succeed in their role as an Adobe consultant. Connecting tenured consultants with new consultants will give your new employees the foundation they need to succeed. Through mentorship, your new consultant will be taught how to find resources, quickly get answers to their questions and receive guidance while they are accumulating new knowledge and skills.

Adobe Professional Services
Additionally, custom scoped consulting hours may be purchased from Adobe Professional Services to give your team a depth of knowledge about effectively delivering Adobe Experience Cloud. For more information, please contact your Adobe representative. 

Partner mentorship

You are essential to the advancement of your Adobe consultants. To help get them become successful in their role, encourage your consultants to actively participate in mentorship relationships.


  • Identify good role models for your new hires. Ask them to review the Mentoring Guidelines.
    • An ideal role model is someone that will guide and provide opportunities to shadow an experienced consultant during internal and client engagements and interactions.
    • Learn more about an ideal role model in the Welcome to the Mentorship Program
  • Host a kick-off call to introduce the relationship between the new consultant with his or her mentor. Establish the role and responsibilities of each side of the pairing. See Manager Resources section below
    • Experienced Consultant: provide one to one support, share knowledge and wisdom.
    • New Consultant: manage your own performance, determine desired goals/achievements, schedule meetings with your mentor.
  • Check in regularly with both sides. If for any reason the relationship is not working, look to quickly change.

Manager Resources:
Mentoring Guidelines
Welcome to the Mentorship Program 

Engaging with a new hire and sharing your knowledge can make a substantial impact on his or her performance and contribution to the organization. To create the greatest success from your mentorship, it’s important to align you a mentee who could most benefit from your areas of expertise. Additionally, allotting the time necessary to provide a meaningful mentorship experience is important. To guide your involvement, here are a few things to invest in your mentee’s success. 


  • Meet with your mentee regularly: schedule weekly meetings throughout his or her onboarding experience.
    • Review his or her training deliverables and provide feedback.
    • Be responsive to his or her questions.
    • Help him or her navigate resources
  • Lead by example: consistently perform at or above expectations in your role.
  • Provide opportunities to your mentee to shadow you in customer interactions.
  • Educate yourself on being a good role model. Utilize the resources below to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to be a successful mentor.

Mentoring Resources:

Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring Others (

Being a Good Mentor (

Leading High-Performing Teams (


  • Complete all onboarding activities and deliverables.
  • Meet with your mentor regularly. Be prepared to share updates and ask questions. Drive your own goals and targets for improvement and career development.

Mentee Resources:
Mentoring Guidelines

Partner Support


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