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Let’s grow together through digital transformation.

The Adobe Solution Partner Program is here to help you grow – grow your career, your people, your business. We provide training and support for your teams to sell, market, and implement Adobe solutions to create joint customer success.

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Understand the SPP levels

Regardless of your level, you will find benefits and support to help your company grow.


Community partners

  • Limited access to Solution portal
  • Limited access to on-demand training
  • Webinars
  • SPP Help team


Bronze partners

Community benefits plus:

  • Full access to Portal
  • Full access to on-demand training
  • Limited Sandbox access
  • Deal Registration with financial benefits
  • Partner Directory listing
  • 15% discount on ADLS training
  • Partner badge
  • 33% off certification exams
  • Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager download
  • 3 certification vouchers


Silver partners

Bronze benefits

  • Customer references
  • Partner sales/pre-sales consultation
  • Assistance with Partner-led offerings 
  • Sandboxes
  • 25% discount on ADLS training
  • Hands-on training environments
  • No fee to join the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) Exchange Partner Program as an Innovate Partner
  • 10 certification vouchers


Gold partners

Silver benefits

  • Promotion to Adobe field
  • Partner Development Manager (PDM)
  • Regional in-person training
  • 30% discount on ADLS training
  • Adobe Connect web conferencing services
  • 15 certification vouchers


Platinum partners

Gold benefits

  • Global Partner Sales Manager (PSM)
  • Partner Marketing Manager
  • Custom onsite training
  • 30% discount on ADLS training
  • 20 certification vouchers


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Meet each of these annually
to maintain your current level.

Business Criteria
Established companies offering digital marketing services and/or complementary technologies

Quality web presence

Partnership Requirements          
Register in the Solution Partner Program

Solution Partner Program fee*
  $2,500 $5,000
$10,000 $15,000
Business Code of Conduct compliance requirements

Complete annual partner satisfaction survey

Up-to-date Partner Directory profile (if applicable)

Positive customer satisfaction ratings
Minimum number of successful Adobe Experience Cloud customer deployments
    2 5 10
Minimum annual subscription value of Adobe Experience Cloud attributed opportunities
    $200K** $500K*** $5M****
Adobe Experience Cloud Certifications & Specializations required
4 Specializations*****
Market presence in two of four Adobe geographic regions (Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia-Pacific, Japan)

All figures in USD.
* The payment of fees are subject to the payment terms in the “What is the fee to join?” section below. Platinum (regional) designation is required to pay a fee of $12,500 
** Minimum of $200K annual subscription value per year ($40K in Asia-Pacific or Japan) OR 40 additional certifications (25 in Asia-Pacific or Japan)
*** Minimum of $500k annual subscription value per year ($300K in Asia-Pacific or Japan)  or 60 additional certifications 
**** Minimum of $5M ASV with no more than 75% of bookings in a single region, OR 100 additional certified resources with no more than 75% of certifications in a single region. Platinum (regional) designation requires 8 customer deployments, and a minimum of $1.25M ASV within a single region or 80 additional certifications.
***** At least four Specializations in at least two Adobe solutions in at least two geographic regions. Platinum (regional) designation requires only 2 Specializations.



Reap the benefits of partnership.

Receive specific benefits designed to support your company's growth and
your ongoing digital transformation.

Access to Solution Partner Portal website (access varies by level)
Access to Solution Partner Program Help Team and Partner Portal resources
Access to all program newsletters, and webinars including strategy and technology updates
Sandboxes and non-production software licenses  
Hands-on training environments and exercises    
Access to Adobe Demo Hub  
Participation in pre-release and/or betas
On-demand training, webinars, and learning resources
Partner specific learner journeys and certification paths
Discounts on Adobe Experience Cloud virtual and instructor-led training courses as well as custom onsite training delivered by Adobe Digital Learning Services    15% 25% 30% 30%
Onsite Training        
Certification Exam Vouchers (for main entity)   3 10 15 20
Discounts on Adobe Experience Cloud Certification Exams  
Access to Marketing Resource Center
Marketing @ Scale Program Access
Partner Directory listing
Adobe Partner badge and logo
Using Adobe trademarks in Search Engine Marketing*      
Invitation and discount to Partner Experience at Adobe Summit
Marketing Support

* This is offered as an opportunity-based benefit.

Deal Registration with financial benefits
Sales support
Access to Adobe Sales Atlas and Sales Plays
No fee to join the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) Exchange Partner Program as an Innovate Partner
Customer references and case studies
Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager download
Discounts on Adobe Connect web conferencing services
  30% 70% 100% 100%



We evaluate your needs every year.

Partner leveling occurs annually to ensure continued growth and to make sure your business is at the right level, receiving all the benefits that will help you succeed. Geographic partner leveling is also available. If your business spans multiple Adobe geographic areas, you may hold differing partnership levels in each region your business covers.


Levels and Benefits FAQ


Who can join the Solution Partner Program?
    The Solution Partner Program is designed for companies that put Adobe technologies to work through implementations, creative services, technological innovations, solution development, system integration and strategic thought leadership. 
What is the fee to join?

There is no fee to join the Adobe Solution Partner Program at the Community level. Fees apply to all other levels. If you join the Solution Partner Program at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level, you must pay the fees according to the table under the Program Fees Section.

The Solution Partner Program will waive the Bronze level fees for the following Adobe Experience Cloud (“AEC”) Exchange Partners, so long as the partners maintain the following AEC Exchange Partner status

(i) Premier

(ii) Accelerate

(iii) paid Innovate

The fees paid by you will also cover your Affiliate(s) that are eligible for the Solution Partner Program. Affiliate(s) means, for a party, any other entity that controls, is controlled by, or under common control with, the party. All fees will be due and payable net 30 days and will be measured from the date of invoice. All invoices will be delivered electronically.

Adobe may charge interest at a monthly rate equal to the lesser of 1% per month or the maximum rate permitted by applicable law on any overdue fees, from the due date until the date the overdue amount (plus applicable interest) is paid in full. You must provide clear indication with your checks (or other form of payment) as to which invoices (or portions thereof) the payment should be applied. Alternatively, these payment details can be emailed to sjar@adobe.com no later than the date of payment.

If you fail to pay any amount due under this Agreement according to the payment terms contained herein, Adobe will send a reminder notice. If you fail to pay within 15 days of the date of the reminder notice, Adobe may, in its sole discretion, setoff such unpaid amounts against any benefits to which you are entitled (e.g., deal registration) and/or terminate your participation in the Solution Partner Program.

If you believe in good faith that Adobe has incorrectly billed you, you must contact Adobe in writing within 30 days of the invoice date, specifying the error. Unless you have correctly notified Adobe of the dispute, you must reimburse Adobe’s reasonable collection costs. You must pay the undisputed portions of Adobe’s invoice as required by this Solution Partner Program Guide.

The prices in the Program Fees Section do not include applicable taxes. Adobe will invoice you for any applicable taxes, and you must pay these taxes. Where applicable, you must provide a tax-exemption claim to Adobe before placing an order. If you are required to withhold income taxes from your payment to Adobe, you agree to send Adobe an official tax receipt within 60 days of payment to Adobe.

Do memberships expire?

Memberships do not expire while members meet their partner-level requirements; however, partnerships are reviewed once a year and inactive partnerships may be terminated.

How do I get my level-specific discount with Adobe Digital Learning Services?

Learn from Adobe experts with training delivered by Adobe Digital Learning Services. All partners can access instructor-led virtual training globally. Please reach out to SPPHelp via email or chat to receive a discount code

Partner SPP level discounts:

  • 15% for Bronze partners
  • 25% for Silver partners
  • 30% for Gold and Platinum partners
My company develops solutions using Adobe Creative Cloud and desktop products. Can we join this program?

The Adobe Solution Partner Program is for companies who co-sell, implement and support Adobe Experience Cloud. To review programs designed for Creative Cloud and desktop products, please visit http://www.adobe.com/partners and click on the information for the Technology Program. 

How can a partner advance to a higher level?

Partner levels are automatically reviewed at the beginning of the year. If you meet the next level's requirements, and would like to have a manual review, please reach out to SPPHELP@adobe.com and our help team will connect you with the appropriate partner manager.

How can I build my Adobe practice?

Adobe provides resources to help partners build a successful practice. Visit the training page for information about on-demand training and credentials such as certification and sales accreditation. Bronze and above partners get certification discounts, and access to more tools and training, such as sandboxes and product challenges exercises. Many partners also pursue Specialization. View the Specialization guidelines to understand more about how many roles your team should have to achieve Specializaton. 

The onboarding section has information on how to grow your team’s skills, from sales to implementation; checklists by role, how to access training, learner journeys, documentation, and more!  (Sign in required.)


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