Business compliance training & questionnaire FAQ

The BCTQ is an online training concerning Adobe’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and survey, which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Someone at your company needs to complete the BCTQ. See “Who should complete the BCTQ?” if you have any questions.

Limited Portal access: If the BCTQ is not completed or is pending approval, your Partner Portal access rights will be limited to Community Partner level. This means you won’t be able to access certain benefits until the BCTQ is approved.

Adobe has always been committed to integrity, ethical business practices and compliance with the law in every aspect of Adobe’s operations and in every market, as expressed in the Adobe Business Partner Code of Conduct. This helps Adobe ensure its partner ecosystem adheres to international anti-corruption laws and follows the same standards as Adobe. 

The BCTQ must be completed by a partner contact person (“Partner Contact”) who has read and is familiar with the Adobe Business Partner Code of Conduct guidelines and agrees to adhere to Adobe’s Business Partner Code of Conduct while working with Adobe.

If your company is still waiting to be approved as a program member, then you must wait to be approved to complete the training.

Existing Solution Partner Program members: complete the BCTQ, please log into Captivate Prime, choose “Adobe Partner Code of Conduct”, select “Enroll”, and then “Start”. If you have problems accessing Captivate Prime or don’t see the Adobe Partner Code of Conduct link after logging in, please contact

The Partner Contact may complete the BCTQ by,

  1. Registering for the Solution Partner Program by following these steps, and taking the BCTQ Adobe Partner Code of Conduct module in BCTQ Adobe Partner Code of Conduct module; or
  2. Sending a request to Adobe Compliance at The request should include the Partner Contact’s name and email address and a request for a custom BCTQ link to be sent directly to Partner Contact. This second option does not require the Partner Contact to register in the Solution Partner Portal

Adobe requires the BCTQ to be completed once every two years.

Please send an email requesting this information to

About 15-20 minutes.

It can take up to 12 – 14 business days for Adobe Compliance to review responses to the BCTQ.

The BCTQ includes questions about the partner’s company, partner company’s ownership, key principals, conflicts of interest, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery. If you’d like a list of the survey questions before taking the BCTQ, please email a request to

Yes, every partner who transacts business with Adobe must complete the BCTQ. If your parent company can comply on behalf of your organization, please have the parent company send an email confirming this authority along with the legally accurate name and address of the subsidiary to

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