Certification and Credentials FAQ


Individual benefits: Certification is a credential that recognizes an individual’s skill and competency in an Adobe application. A candidate who passes the certification exam becomes an Adobe Certified Professional, Expert, or Master. 

Certifications require commitment, are legally defensible, and validation from Adobe of your expertise. You can also feature your certification on your social profiles by downloading your badge from Credly.

Practice benefits: An Adobe partner company with the required number of Adobe certified employees plus other criteria can earn an Adobe specialization for their Adobe practice and show the Specialization stripe on their marketing materials and Partner Directory profile. 

See the certifications page for an overview of all Adobe Experience Cloud credentials

All Adobe Partners are eligible for certification and credentials.

Certifications are role-based, which means there are multiple exams available. Review the exam guides on the certification page to choose which exam to take. You will choose the exam by:

  • Application: for example, Adobe Analytics or Marketo Engage
  • Role: for example, developer or business practitioner
  • Level: for example, Professional, 0-12 months of experience; or Expert 1-3 years

Sometimes there are multiple versions of an exam. A current exam won’t have any labels, but you might see either retiring or renewal:

  • Retiring means that this exam version will soon be removed because a new version of the exam is available. We encourage candidates to take the most recent version, but you can take the retiring version if you feel more prepared to take it. Either way, your certification will last for two years. 
  • Renewal exams renew your existing certification for two years, have fewer questions, and are lower cost. These exams cover more recent application capabilities. You must take the renewal exam before your certification expires. Once your existing certification expires, then you’ll have to take the regular certification exam.

Exam guides and learner journeys are linked on the Certification page.

You can also request a specific guide from certif@adobe.com

We recommend you follow the steps on the Certification page and review the exam guides (many have sample tests). Then choose the appropriate learner journey for the recommended training that will help you pass the exam.

Free on-demand training is available to all partners in the Portal. Hands-on Challenges are available only to Bronze and above partners.

Fee-based training allows you to get trained faster in live virtual classes taught by Adobe experts. (Available to all partners.)

  • Bronze and above partners get a 15-30% discount on Adobe Digital Learning Services.
  • Individuals can sign up, or you can request a custom class for a team. Contact SPP Help for class discounts.

Training is not required to take a certification exam, but it is recommended. Exams are intended to measure your working knowledge of each application, so the best preparation is a combination of training and on-the-job experience.

Register through Adobe Credential Management, and choose to take your exam through PSI or Examity. Both offer online, remote-proctored exams. Some companies have a testing provider preference.

In-person exams at test centers are offered through
PSI: https://spark.adobe.com/page/C8QDu4upy4gF3/

To take an online, remote-proctored exam, see the links below:

PSI and Examity have support available by chat, email, and phone. Adobe support and SPP Help can’t help with technical issues that occur during the exam.

The quickest help resource is through their chat. All test candidates should ensure their computer system has the proper system requirements before taking their exam. For more details, see: CertMetrics, PSI, and Examity pages for managing exams and technical setups.

If you have questions about the Solution Partner Program can be emailed to SPPHelp@adobe.com.

For questions about exam registration, exam payments, test delivery, testing centers, comments on exams, exam questions, testing experience, test accommodations, or questions about the certification portal, reach out to certif@adobe.com.

You might have multiple accounts. Visit the troubleshooting section of Where are My Exam History and Records?

Adobe allows accommodations to candidates who are identified as having special needs. If you need additional time to complete your exam or another accommodation, please contact examaccommodations@adobe.com or certif@adobe.com

You will need to retake and pass the most recent certification exam to get or maintain your Adobe Certified status. Please plan to take the test in more than enough time to account for potential retakes before your certification expires.

If a candidate fails on their first attempt to pass any Adobe certification exam, the candidate must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam. Failure to pass an exam on the second or any subsequent attempt requires a waiting period of 14 calendar days before retaking the exam. Each attempt will incur a separate exam fee.

See the How to Publish Digital Badges Spark page, or go to Credly. (Formerly known as Acclaim.)

To download logos:

Go to Adobe’s Certification Manager, CertMetrics: 

  1. Log in using your Certification Portal credentials.
    (Note: new users should click on the Never logged in before link.)
  2. On the navigation menu, click Certifications.
  3. Click the Download Logos submenu in the navigation.
  4. Click the link that corresponds to the certification for the logo you want to download. Logo files are stored in .zip files and contain PNG, JPG, and AI formats.
  1. Go to the login for the Adobe Certification Manager, CertMetrics. Sign in using your ID or email address and password.
  2. Click Transcripts
  3. Scroll through your transcript history and select the report you’d like to view. You can have the report emailed to you or view it onscreen.

To view your exam history and records, follow the instructions on this page.

You can track your certification status by going to Adobe’s certification portal.

After completing your exam, your results will immediately be displayed on-screen. Within 72 hours, you will get an email confirmation of your score from CertMetrics, with a PDF of your certificate. You can access logos from your CertMetrics account that show your certification status and can be used on your website, email, signature, business card, social profiles, etc.

You can sign in to or create an account. There you view the available exams, testing center options, and your exam history, certification expiration dates, and any benefits, such as discounts, available to you.

Because we need to ensure our Adobe certified individuals are current on new application features and capabilities, Adobe Certifications are valid for two years.

Specialization is a recognition of competency in an Adobe application in a given region (i.e., Adobe Analytics Specialization validates your organization’s Adobe Analytics practice).

Specialized partners have, at least, the minimum number of Adobe Certified and sales accredited staff. They also have validated customer references, which prove proficiency at serving customers and deploying and/or running and operating Adobe applications.

Some exams are available in Japanese through PSI. You can view the Japanese exams in CertMetrics.

Certification is offered at certain Adobe‐sponsored events.

Not directly, no. But because certification will now require renewal every 2 years, your certification ensures that you remain current on the latest version of an Adobe application.

Certification renewal via renewal exam

Adobe certifications expire after two years. You can renew your certification by taking and passing the latest version of the applicable Adobe certification exam. If a new exam is not available, your certification will be extended until the new exam is available.

You have two options:

  1. Take the regular certification exam
  2. Take the renewal exam—a shorter exam that focuses on the newest solution capabilities as well as the things you already know. 

You can’t take a renewal exam if you don’t have the original certification or if your certification has expired.

Occasionally, we retire an exam for a role. In that case, your certification will last for two years, then that certification will expire. For example, we no longer offer the Lead/Dev Ops certification, so that certification will expire without a replacement exam.

Your certification will expire and will show as expired in Credly and any of your social profiles. Also, if your certification expires, then you can’t take the shorter renewal exam.

See the costs tab on the  Certification exam registration and management page for prices and discounts.

Renewal discount: If your company is Bronze or above and qualifies, you can use the 33% discount on renewal certification exams, but only one voucher can be used per exam. This discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

It may impact your company in one of two ways. First, the number of certified people your company has on staff is a component of achieving an Adobe Solution Partner Program level. Second, if your certification expires it can affect your company’s qualification for Specialization.

Sign in to Adobe Credential Manager. There you can see when you achieved your credential and when it will expire. You should also check your profile and confirm that your contact, secondary email and job information are correct.

You will get an email notification one month before your certification expires. But if you have changed jobs and haven’t updated your email then you might not get notified. Add a secondary email (such as a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) in your CertMetrics account, so that you get a certification expiration reminder email, even if you change companies.

To find out what exam you will need to take, log in to the Adobe Credential Manager using your Adobe ID, click Certifications, and select the certification name. The renewal exam is listed under Requirement to stay current.

No. Your digital badge will remain the same.

No. You cannot retake a version that you already successfully passed. You will have to wait until the new exam is released.


To earn a sales accreditation, choose a learner journey to see the sales accreditations available for each application and capability, and complete all assessments within that learning program.

For technical sales, you should complete the learning program on the technical sales program page and submit your demo.

Anyone registered in the Adobe Solution Partner Program is eligible.

In 2020, Adobe Certified Professional began to replace the Professional Credential. This new introductory certification requires 0 -12 months of learning and work experience. To become an Adobe Certified Professional, you will need to pass a certification exam.

If you have a professional credential, your existing credential will not change at this time.

For the credential, once the learner passes the training shown on Phase 1 of the Learner Journey associated with the desired badge, they will receive notification from Adobe’s Credential Management System (CertMetrics) notifying them they have achieved the credential.

For the certification, the learner should review the exam guide and follow the Learner Journey associated with the desired badge. When they are ready, they can schedule their exam with Examity or PSI.

Navigate to your Captivate Prime profile and view the My Achievements panel to see what credentials you have earned.

On-demand training is free, but you might want to take some training courses that do have a cost. See the Adobe Digital Learning Services catalog for prices. Bronze and above partners are eligible for 15-30% discounts.

There is a fee for the professional certification exam. See the Certification Price, Discounts, & Vouchers FAQ for more information.

You can schedule your certification exams and manage your credentials in the Adobe Credential Manager. See How to Log In to Adobe Credential Manager for instructions. 

For information on how to see your completed on-demand training and credentials such as Sales Accreditation, see the Training FAQ.

Go to Captivate Prime and sign in with the Adobe ID and password that’s associated with your Solution Partner Program account.

Click the badges icon in the left pane. You will have the option to download a PNG or a printable PDF of your badge.

Prices, discounts & vouchers

Adobe Partners with bronze and above status are eligible for a 33% discount on all exams. Our partners in India are eligible for an additional discount for Adobe Certified Expert exams.

Adobe Credential


Price (USD)
after 33%

Certified Professional



Certified Expert



Certified Master



Certification renewal



Certified India Price

Certified Professional



Certified Expert



Certified Master



Certification renewal



Qualified (non-certification)

Acrobat Sign Essentials



Experience Platform Technical Foundations



Qualified India Price

Acrobat Sign Essentials



Experience Platform Technical Foundations



*Bulk orders discounts on 10 or more exams are available to all partners.

See Vouchers & Discounts for details on discounts and bulk purchase discounts.

Adobe has partnered with Xvoucher to offer bulk and discount vouchers in the Adobe Marketplace.

  • Bulk Vouchers. option is available to all Partners. 

Partners with Bronze and above status must log in to the Marketplace using their company email alias. Xvoucher will validate the partner’s eligibility and automatically apply the discount during checkout. Minimums are no longer required to obtain multiple vouchers. 

Bulk voucher discounts are also available for Community level partners. A minimum of 10 vouchers must be purchased to get a discount.


% Discount





50 +


Discounts cannot be combined with any additional discount or promo code. It is available for 10 or more exam vouchers, regardless of region. Voucher codes are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Discount coupons for individuals: Bronze and above partners receive a 33% discount when purchasing their voucher via the Xvoucher Marketplace. Partners must use their company email address in order to validate eligibility.

Yes, you can use the 33% discount on renewal certification exams, but can use only one voucher per exam.

If the voucher purchased via the Adobe Marketplace is not working, email adobe@xvoucher.com

You will need to create a service ticket. This ticket will be assigned to a support member and will typically be answered within 2 business days.

Submit the ticket directly on their support link: https://info.xvoucher.com/adobe-support or send an email to adobe@xvoucher.com.

The primary contact representing your company’s partnership automatically becomes the Xvoucher admin. To find your company’s primary contact, click the profile icon, then Manage Profile, and go to My company > Account primary contacts. You can also email SPPHelp@adobe.com or use chat to ask us any questions.

Yes, you can add multiple admins. Contact adobe@xvoucher.com or submit a support ticket via https://info.xvoucher.com/adobe-support. Additionally, you can email SPPHelp@adobe.com or use chat to contact us with any questions.

Yes. After a voucher is assigned to you, you will receive an email from support@xvoucher.com with a voucher code and instructions on how to redeem the voucher.

These partner benefit vouchers expire 12 months after being assigned to your company and appear in your Xvoucher dashboard. Vouchers cannot be extended past their expiration date. Exams registrations must be scheduled, paid for, and taken before the exam voucher expiration date.

Individuals with an administrator role can assign vouchers to employees and can see which vouchers have been viewed (used) and redeemed at registration and when the exam is scheduled or took place. You can find this report by logging into your Xvoucher account and going to Track > Candidate > Exam Vouchers > Get Report.

The exam results are not reported to, and will not be available in Xvoucher. Exam results are sent to the candidate’s CertMetrics account.

See the Xvoucher instructions for how to assign a voucher:  https://help.xvoucher.com/how-to-assign-xvouchers.

Bronze and above partners receive a 33% discount when purchasing their exam voucher via the Adobe Certification Voucher Center run by Xvoucher. Partners must use their company email address to validate eligibility.

Instructions for creating your Xvoucher account:  https://www.xvoucher.com/Sites/Candidate/QuickConversion.aspx.

You will receive your free voucher on or before July 31, 2022, if your company paid membership fees before May 31, 2022. In your company paid after May 2022, then you will get voucher on or before September 30, 2022.

Your company might be out of Business Compliance requirements. As required by Adobe Legal, one person from each partner company must complete the online Business Compliance Training & Questionnaire (BCTQ) once every two years.  The BCTQ provides confirmation that the partner follows Adobe’s Business Partner Code of Conduct

BCTQ FAQhttps://solutionpartners.adobe.com/home/bctq_faq.html

Kindly complete the Business Compliance training and contact SPPHelp@adobe.com

Xvoucher will create your order within 48 hours and send you payment instructions.

Once payment is received, vouchers will be available within 48 hours.

You can pay two ways:

Via wire ACH
There is an additional USD $25 fee to cover the wire/PO process. Your invoice includes wire information/instructions.

Via credit card
A 2.99% credit card processing fee will be added to the total order.

Xvoucher is an authorized reseller of Adobe Certification exam vouchers. If you need to have Xvoucher set up in your procurement system, please contact adobe@xvoucher.com to begin the process.

Xvoucher account log in: https://www.xvoucher.com/Login.aspx.

Visit the Xvoucher site: https://market.xvoucher.com/adobe.

After a voucher is assigned to you, you will receive an email from support@xvoucher.com with a voucher code and instructions on how to redeem the voucher. If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you are still unable to find the email, you can log into your Xvoucher account.

If you are a Community level partner, you are not eligible for the discount. If you are a Bronze or above member, then make sure you are using your corporate email ID associated with your Solution Partner Program account. If that doesn’t work, you will need to create a service ticket. Submit the ticket directly on their support link: https://info.xvoucher.com/adobe-support or send an email to adobe@xvoucher.com.

All sales are final. Returns and refunds are not accepted. Adobe Exam Vouchers are purchased at an exam level, not for specific exams, which provides great flexibility.

Yes, it’s transferrable as you are purchasing the voucher. If an employee does not claim the voucher, then you can reassign it to another person.

If your account is not displaying your benefits, send an email to SPPHelp@adobe.com. Include your company name and email address associated with your Xvoucher account. SPP Help will confirm eligibility and work with Xvoucher to update your profile.

Continuous Learning Pilot Program FAQs

Starting in August 2022, Adobe is offering a new path for certified candidates to renew their certifications. We will offer continuous learning and engagement activities so candidates can remain active and extend their certification status for 2 more years.

No, this renewal option is only for Adobe’s actively certified Analytics and Target candidates.

We are launching this program with Adobe Target and Analytics. We will share the announcements via applicable channels as and when we expand it for other certifications.

Candidates will be offered 5 to 7 on-demand courses to review. The criterion to renew certification will be to pass any 3 assessments based on the courses OR pass 2 assessments and submit a signed customer reference form.

A form that a candidate can submit as part of Adobe’s continuous learning and engagement activities for renewal of their certification. The form must be signed by a customer, stating that the candidate has spent a minimum of 100 hours on a project within the last 12 months related to the product for which they are renewing their certification. By including this option as part of the certification renewal requirements, we want to recognize your continued engagement as a way of validating your skills and knowledge so your certification remains active.

No. All the activities are accessible via Adobe Credential Manager at no cost.

No, submitting a customer reference form is optional and one of the activities that candidates can complete to renew their certification. For example, Adobe Analytics certification renewal requires completing a minimum of 3 activities from a given list. The list includes passing 6 assessments and submitting a customer reference form. Candidate can pass 2 assessments and submit a customer reference form thereby meeting the minimum 3 requirements for renewal.

No, you only need to complete the requirements listed for the solution. Your certification/s will be renewed after completing the required activities and submitting the results to the Adobe Credential Manager. For example, if you hold multiple certifications in Adobe Analytics as a Business Practitioner, Developer, and an Architect, you only need to complete 3 activities to meet renewal requirements for all certifications to be renewed.

No. However, you must complete the requirements prior to your certification expiration date. Candidates can review the on-demand courses and pass the assessments at their own pace before the expiration of their certification.

The assessments are based on the Courses in Experience League and reviewing them will prepare candidates to successfully pass them. However, the key requirement for renewal is just to pass the Assessments.

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