February 1, 2022

Adobe Real-Time CDP Certification: Beta Test the New Exam

Use your expertise and knowledge to help the Real-Time CDP community. Beginners welcome for this professional level exam. 

The Adobe Certification Program seeks business practitioners to beta test the new Real-Time CDP Business Practitioner Professional Certification exam. Apply now to try it out before it’s generally released.

Adobe certification exams - developed by the community, for the community

Adobe certification exams are developed by Adobe staff and talented practitioners recruited from the Experience Cloud community. Inviting these subject matter experts (SMEs) to the process ensures that the Adobe certified community has the real-world skills that customers need. SMEs get to network with industry peers, earn credit for the certification – participation replaces taking the exam, and earn the coveted Adobe SME badge for their social profiles, plus other benefits. Visit the Subject Matter Expert Program page to learn more (SPP sign-in required).

After an exam has been developed, it goes through a beta process in which community members take the exam before it's generally available. Beta testers help validate an exam's quality and ensure it reliably evaluates the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the specified role. Once an exam has completed the beta process, Adobe can use it to certify individuals in their job roles and specialties.

Adobe Real-Time CDP beta exam

The exam beta runs from February 7 - 27, 2022. All business practitioner roles with experience in Real-Time CDP should apply. When the exam is released publicly, candidates who successfully pass it will be issued the Real-Time CDP Professional Business Practitioner certification.

Candidate requirements

This exam is designed for a marketing specialist with 6-12 months of experience creating and activating audiences in Real-Time CDP environments. The candidate has knowledge of business objectives and KPIs, familiarity with digital marketing technology stacks and various platform integrations, and an understanding of data flows (ID types, ID syncs, audiences, segments, data models).

Typically, these are individuals in roles such as:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Campaign Marketing Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst 
  • CDP Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Conversion/Optimization Consultant
  • Marketing Product Owner
  • Solutions consultant

Learn more about the Beta Exam Program and apply for this or future betas!

To learn more about this program, visit the Beta Exam Program page. If you are interested in participating In the current beta, complete the sign-up form. This beta is available to all RTCDP practitioners who meet the requirements. Solution Partner Program membership not required.

Questions? Email certif@adobe.com.

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