JULY 22, 2021

Access Partner Credential Journeys to Earn an Adobe Experience Manager Certification

If you’re new to the Solution Partner Portal, this guide can help show you where to start.

Partner Learner Journeys contain recommended steps you should complete when you’re pursuing an Adobe Experience Manager certification. The journeys are divided into four phases and include on-demand courses, challenges to help you practice, resources on getting mentored or creating a mentorship program within your organization, and exam guides for certifications for your role.

If you’d like to see all the exam guides and learn more about certification, visit the Certification page (Sign-in required to view links) on the Solution Partner Portal. Some articles about certification are also mentioned near the end of this article.

Phase I: Training

There are many training options and courses available, and it may be difficult to figure out which ones to take and in which to invest your time. Learner Journeys provide the courses we feel will best prepare you to pass the certification exam.

In addition to the recommended training, see the Training and Resources pages on the Portal for technical documentation, Experience League user forums for Adobe Experience Manager, Implementation Blueprints, upcoming webinars, and information on AEM as a Cloud Service.

  • Free on-demand modules are built into the journey — if you know your stuff, you can test out of certain courses!
  • Prefer live learning or need extra guidance? Explore the Experience Manager classes in the Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) catalog. These classes are taught by experts from Adobe (fee-based).
  • You can register individually for ADLS classes, or your organization can request customized training for your team.

Phase II: Practice

Combine training with real-world project experience to get hands-on practice. Blend these elements with Adobe’s mentorship guidelines to build a foundation for your career.

Creating an internal mentoring program can benefit your whole practice. Adobe’s guidelines for partner mentorship can help everyone on your team better succeed in their role. 
Learn more*

There are many tools available to help support your training needs. However, some tools are available only to Bronze and above partners.

  • Experience Manager software downloads (all partners have access to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service)
  • Hands-on training environments for Challenges
  • Sandboxes (for teams)
  • Technical sales roles can also access the Adobe Demo Hub

Phase III: Experience

As you complete training in a new solution or role, you should gain project experience by progressing from co-delivering projects to leading them. Feedback from mentors and colleagues can measure how you’re developing skills and target areas for continued growth. 

  • Check your exam guide regularly to make sure that you’re meeting the minimum candidate experience.

Phase IV: Prep/Test

Review the certification exam guide again for all the details you need. It covers registration, exam length, topics, number of questions, and how to access your badge once you pass the exam.

  • Many exam guides contain sample or practice tests to help gauge your knowledge and give you a preview of the actual exam.
  • Some partners have created study groups that meet every couple of weeks. Having a regular study group can help you and your peers get questions answered and stay focused on your goal of passing the certification exam!

AEM Certification shows your ability to perform a job role using Experience Cloud applications. When you pass a certification exam, you’ll receive your badge — Adobe’s official stamp of completion and a shareable way to highlight your accomplishment!  

Access the Adobe Experience Manager Credential Journey*:  Sites  |   Assets   |   Forms

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If you’ve completed training in the past and want to see your history, see the Training FAQ.

See the Certification FAQ for many of the most commonly asked certification, voucher, and badge questions.

You can also email SPPHelp@adobe.com or chat with the Adobe SPP Help team.

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