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March 20, 2020

New Adobe certification levels

Certification program extends to three levels: Professional, Expert, Master.

Adobe is extending its certification framework to recognize different levels of expertise, offering learners the opportunity to earn and display additional levels of certification.

Previously, the only certified level available was Adobe Certified Expert, a level requiring several years of real-world experience.  The Adobe Credential Program will extend to include two additional certification levels: Certified Professional and Certified Master.

Adobe Certified Professional

An introductory certification requiring 0-12 months of learning and work experience. An Adobe Certified Professional works on a team and may be the project lead on simple or single-solution projects. This certification is available in Business Practitioner and Developer roles.

Please note: There is a small number of individuals with an existing Adobe Professional credential, which is not a certification. Your existing credential will not change at this time.

Adobe Certified Expert

Adobe’s flagship certificate level requires one to three years of Adobe solution project experience. The Adobe Certified Expert works independently on complex projects and mentors less experienced colleagues. This certification is available for the Business Practitioner and Developer roles.

Adobe Certified Master

The Certified Master has at least three years of Adobe solution experience, including leading complex projects and mentoring team members. This certification is available for the Architect role and requires an Adobe Certified Expert – Developer certificate to qualify.

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If you have already achieved an Adobe Certified Expert level as an Architect, your certification will be automatically upgraded to Adobe Certified Master.

All certificates require passing the corresponding certification exam.


These new levels will be introduced throughout 2020 as their respective learner journeys and exams become available.

Impact on Adobe Specialization

These certification changes currently do not impact Adobe Specialization requirements.

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