Adobe Content Supply Chain 

Fuel experience-led growth

You need more high-impact, personalized content than ever to fuel your customer experiences across channels, devices, and surfaces. And the demand for content just keeps growing. Adobe Content Supply Chain lets you meet this challenge with a solution that accelerates the end-to-end content lifecycle.


Help your clients meet the tidal wave of demand for content.

Accelerate the Content Life Cycle


Stage 1: Plan

Prioritize, resource, schedule, and track progress for campaigns and all the content they require in Adobe Workfront, your work management system of record. Even visualize a campaign in context of the overall marketing strategy and use agile project management tools to manage projects and tasks with drag and drop simplicity.


Stage 2: Create

In Workfront, streamline content creation with collaboration features that let campaign owners, contributors, and stakeholders share ideas and review and approve content. Within Adobe Creative Cloud apps, creatives create content and can receive feedback from Workfront, tap into the generative AI of Adobe Firefly and Adobe Sensei GenAI Services, and flow content directly into Adobe Experience Manager Assets.


Stage 3: Deliver

Activate approved content in Experience Manager Assets in real-time across channels with Experience Manager Sites, the cloud-based CMS. Marketers speed up content delivery using the composable content services that publishes content directly from productivity apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs into the Adobe CMS. All of these capabilities are also available in Experience Manager Forms.


Stage 4: Analyze

Go beyond views and clicks to uncover the content that most engages customers. Because Experience Manager connects to the real-time customer profile of Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Sensei AI can reveal attributes of high-performing content—for example, that nature photos most resonate with your different audiences. Use these insights when planning your next campaign.


Meet the whole team

On this team, every player is a star. Get to know each Adobe application that connects to form the Adobe Content Supply Chain solution.

Core Applications

Secondary Applications

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To meet pent-up demand for a solution that helps Adobe customers accelerate their content lifecycle, we’re handpicking partners to ramp up quickly and thoroughly on selling and deploying the Adobe Content Supply Chain solution.

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Featured Content Supply Chain Partners


IBM’s leadership in AI and automation offers clients a roadmap that delivers breakthrough experiences across industries.


Accenture’s expertise in process improvement, change management, and marketing pinpoints opportunities for optimization, while fostering creative and financial growth


Credera creates authentic experiences that empower organizations to solve challenges and transcend expectations.


Deloitte Digital offers a range of AI-powered accelerators and solutions, harnessing the latest technology to help innovate your Content Supply Chain.


PwC enables customer-driven executives and their networks to craft innovative brand activations, help deliver memorable experiences, improve marketing operations and increase ROI.


LeapPoint specializes in bridging the gaps between people, process, and technology and enabling marketing teams to accelerate their impact at scale.


Adobe is the leader in content supply chain solutions.

In this Everest Group report, learn why Adobe was named a leader for content supply chain solutions and how businesses are adopting them.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe’s Content Supply Chain Solution.

Discover how a composite organization representative of interviewed customers achieved a 310% ROI, a reduction in costs, and an accelerated end-to-end content lifecycle.


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