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Take the Shortcut to Adobe Recertification

Any Adobe certification holder facing renewal can take the new, shorter and lower-cost recertification exams.

If you are an Adobe Certified Expert or Master facing certification renewal or expiration, you can renew your certification for two more years by taking and passing the appropriate recertification exam.

Recertification exams are shorter, lower-cost exams designed for current practitioners to renew or extend existing certifications. They are not standalone certifications. 

These recertification exams include information critical to understanding newer capabilities and functionality within their respective applications.

Currently available recertification exams include*:

  • AD5-E800 Adobe Campaign Standard Developer Expert renewal | Exam guide
  • AD5-E801 Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner Expert renewal | Exam guide
  • AD5-E112 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer renewal | Tests for Cloud Service capability | Exam guide
  • AD5-E113 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect renewal | Tests for Cloud Service capability | Exam guide

Recertification exams that will be available starting April 30, 2021, include:

  • AD5-E811 Adobe Advertising Cloud Search Business Practitioner Professional renewal
  • AD5-E802 Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert renewal
  • AD5-E805 Adobe Analytics Developer Expert renewal
  • AD5-E808 Adobe Audience Manager Business Practitioner Expert renewal
  • AD5-E812 Adobe Audience Manager Architect Master renewal
  • AD5-E806 Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Expert renewal
  • AD5-E807 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert renewal
  • AD5-E810 Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master renewal
  • AD5-E803 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert renewal
  • AD5-E813 Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Expert renewal
  • AD5-E809 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert renewal

You can learn more about the exams by accessing the above exam guide links. The cost for the exams is $95 USD in the US and $65 USD for India. Exam prices will change on May 3, 2021.

You can always check the Certification page* for exam guides, partner learner journeys, and other details about certification.

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