Adobe NA Summit Announcements - What You Need to Know

Adobe news from Summit will be sure to interest our Partner community. Read this article for a summary of major announcements made from Summit in Las Vegas and how they impact our joint customers.

Adobe Cloud Platform Innovation Showcased at Summit

What is this?

The next generation of Adobe Cloud Platform provides brands with an Experience System of Record, the only system in the industry that manages both high volume/velocity of data *and* content.

What does this mean for customers?

By bringing together the power of data, content, intelligent services and an open ecosystem, Adobe can help enterprises deliver personalized experiences quickly and at scale with advancements including a unified customer profile, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness.

The ‘Experience Cloud profile’ enables a unified customer profile for all customer data across the enterprise. This means Adobe and its Partners can better enable the delivery of personalized experiences quickly and at scale.

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Adobe and Microsoft Extend Global Partnership into China

What is this?

Adobe and Microsoft have announced that they are extending their partnership into China.  The first locally-hosted offering will be Adobe Experience Cloud run on Microsoft Azure and hosted by 21Vianet, a carrier-neutral cloud provider.

The companies also announced native technology integrations between AEM and Azure, Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI.

What does this mean for customers?

With this announcement, we are unlocking new opportunities for our customers who wish to do business in China.

China is a priority growth market for Adobe customers and we are dedicated to supporting business in China now and in the future.  Adobe’s goal is to improve our solution’s capabilities in country by hosting on Azure data centers in China. This will be a multi-year effort and Adobe Experience Cloud on Microsoft Azure is the first of these.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Gets ‘Creative’

What is this?

Adobe’s new Advertising Cloud Creative is a self-serve platform that expands Adobe Advertising Cloud’s Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) offering and helps bridge the divide between creative and media professionals.

We also debuted deeper capabilities with Adobe Analytics Cloud to provide deeper insights to marketers.

What does this mean for customers?

With the introduction of Advertising Cloud Creative, Adobe is removing the walls between creative and media processes, giving marketers control over basic design elements, so that brands can iterate more personalized ad experiences rapidly and without the painful and expensive steps of re-trafficking or starting the design process over from scratch.

Adobe has made it easier and faster for brands to react and iterate ads based on purchase history, loyalty program status and online actions.  This offers marketers the opportunity to better connect and build trust with potential customers through personalized ad experiences directly linked to media strategy.

Announcing the Adobe Experience League

What is this?

The Experience League is a new customer enablement program that seeks to help customers develop their talent and get deeper value from their investments by gathering step-by-step guides for best practice strategy, integration how-to’s, on-demand training videos, one-to-one support from experts and access to a birds-of-a-feather professional community in a single location on

Related to this, Adobe introduced the Adobe Experience Index, a self-assessment tool to help participants determine where they are in their development journey and what they need to do next.

What does this mean for customers?

The Experience League makes it easy for individuals to develop and grow their digital experience skills and expertise, providing them with a single location from which they can learn, network and share experiences.

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