Multi-Solution Implementation Guides - Now Available!

These multi-solution implementation guides provide information about the reference architecture, guidelines, configuration steps, and tests that implementation specialists need to follow while integrating Adobe solutions. 9 new guides available.

The guides are standardized across all solutions and thus follow a similar format, making it easier to locate specific information and also understand the overall flow of activities.

With the help of the discovery phase, the consultant should be able to have all the information needed to plan the delivery or execution approach. The documents will also help the consultant to drive conversation with the client by citing various use cases about how other customers have achieved their goals.

Both the single solution and the multi solution integration guides are available in the Implementation Center on

Integrations covered:

      Analytics to Audience Manager

      Analytics to Campaign

      Analytics to Target

      Audience Manager to Campaign

      Audience Manager to Target

      Experience Manager to Campaign v6

      Experience Manager to Campaign ACS

      Experience Manager to Target