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Personalised product selection for go-to marketing for each consumer – delivers a massive revenue increase

Advanced analytics monetising the Customer Lifetime Value and AOV of your consumers

SwiftERM is product personalisation software for ecommerce. It identifies and captures additional consumer purchases for ecommerce retailers. By watching your customer’s buying habits and impressions it can calculate what they are most likely to buy next. Then it sends the individual details of those products automatically to provoke the purchase.

This is a sophisticated additional revenue stream to add to your marketing campaign. Using a predictive analytics algorithm, it is developed exclusively for ecommerce retailers, especially those with a high frequency of repeat visits. It is fully automatic and requires zero human involvement. Everything is personal for each individual and never involves segmenting. It delivers towards the highest level of returns available.

Starting from as little as – £100 per month ($135) it delivers a phenomenal 1500% ROI average*

We help you capture as much revenue as possible from each consumer. Each one is unique, and so are their ever-changing moods, consequently so are the opportunities. Sales that are otherwise lost due to no means to appreciate the opportunity or another retailer who does.

SwiftERM maintains a perpetually accurate appreciation of each one of your consumers. The gross profit, as a consequence, is staggering. We publish CASE-STUDIES* to verify our figures and prove just how powerful it is. We offer a FREE month’s trial for verification of your own site so you don’t have to take our word for it.


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