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New Google AdWords Benefit for Specialized Partners

Calling all Specialized Partners! Learn how to take advantage of the new program benefit that allows you to use Adobe product names in your Google AdWords.

Partners in our Specialization Program can now use Adobe product names in their Google AdWords—a much requested benefit. This is the first time Bronze and Silver level partners have been allowed to leverage the Adobe brand name in their AdWords campaigns to promote their expertise. We’re excited to be able to reward partners with this benefit as a reward for earning one or more Specializations.

To take advantage of this benefit, partners must email spps@adobe.com (the Specialization inbox) with their 10-digit Google Ads account number and include the Adobe product names they want to use.

There are currently 11 Adobe products for which partners can earn a Specialization, with Adobe Experience Platform, Workfront, and others on the roadmap. If you think your company might be close to earning a Specialization based on this requirements document*, work with your Partner Manager or email spps@adobe.com to answer any questions you may have.

Apply for or renew a Specialization here.

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