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Weidenhammer Leads the Way

Congratulations to Weidenhammer—the first Partner in the SPP to earn a Specialization in Magento Commerce!

Our Partners keep making us proud! Congrats to Weidenhammer on becoming the first Partner in the Solution Partner Program (SPP) to achieve specialization in Magento Commerce!

A Bronze-level Partner who recently joined the SPP, Weidenhammer provides high quality services and solutions to drive business innovation and growth for clients across industries, including financial services, education and more. Through a network of developers, artists, consultants, network engineers and marketers, Weidenhammer delivers unparalleled technical expertise in consulting, design, development, and engineering knowledge.

We caught up with Aaron Sheehan, Commerce Director at Weidenhammer, who shared more about his company’s journey, along with a few tips to getting specialized.


Aaron Sheehan
Commerce Director,


  • Congratulations on earning the first Adobe specialization in Magento Commerce! What motivated your company to achieve this impressive accomplishment?

    We believe the integration of Magento into the Adobe partner ecosystem will yield many benefits for both ecosystems. There are many current and future Adobe clients who need or who will need the scalable and flexible e-commerce solution that Magento represents, and there are many Magento clients who need or who will need access to Adobe's large suite of products - Sensei, Marketo, Campaign, AEM, and others. We wanted to be the first ones through the door!

  • What advice do you have for partners looking to get specialized in Magento Commerce, or other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions?

    Learn the tools and focus on your customers. We require all members of our Magento team to be certified, and we overcommunicate with our customers about project scope, budget, and stay focused on how our expertise can drive ROI for their businesses. If you can do those two things well, you'll succeed, and you'll help your customers succeed.

  • You mentioned requiring all members of your Magento team to be Adobe certified in a solution. Why?

    Magento is a complex, continually evolving platform. Knowing what it's already capable of, and how to properly extend that functionality and leveraging the larger ecosystem is key to delivering results. We owe it to our customers to be experts in the commerce platform that powers their business.

Thank you to Aaron for taking the time to share Weidenhammer’s story, and congrats again to Weidenhammer for leading the way in earning the first Magento Commerce Specialization in the SPP.

Learn more about Weidenhammer or uncover the power that Adobe Specialization will bring to your practice by visiting the Solution Partner Portal.