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Partner Directory FAQ

What is the Partner Directory Benefit?

The Partner Directory benefit allows partners to self-publish their listing information exactly as they want it displayed for customers who search service providers on our Partner Directory. Partner Directory is a public website and one of the most highly visited pages on our entire site—visitors include both your customers and potential customers—so be sure your organization is listed!

Once you create your listing, Adobe will add your organization’s credentials, Specializations, and Amplify Verified and Accredited solutions, so potential customers can see your Adobe Experience Cloud expertise.

How do I know if my company qualifies for a Partner Directory listing?

This benefit is available to all partners at the Bronze level and above, provided they complete all required areas under the company profile.

How does my company apply for the Partner Directory?

If you are the Primary Contact representing your company's partnership with Adobe, follow these steps to apply to be listed in the Partner Directory:

  1. Sign in to the Solution Partner Portal.
  2. Once signed in, click on the profile icon at the top, then Manage Profile.
  3. Go to the Partner Directory Listing tab. The Partner Directory Listing tab is only visible to Primary Contacts.
  4. Then click Apply.
  5. Complete all mandatory fields, including contact name, website, and email address (for customer inquiries); company descriptions, and upload your company logo and a banner image.
    You can also add optional content such as success stories, videos, datasheets, and white papers, or other links to your company’s website.
  6. Click Save to save your completed fields. You can return to edit your listing later.
  7. On page 4, you can click Preview listing to preview your listing in a new window. To make changes, click Previous step.
  8. Review the information you have added, and on the last page, click Submit. (Make sure you do this; otherwise, your listing will not be submitted.)

When you return to the Partner Directory Listing tab, the status of your application will be Submitted in review. At this time, you cannot make any further edits until your listing is published. You will receive an email once your listing is published.

If you have questions about this process, please email spphelp@adobe.com or use the chat.

Why is my company not listed in the Partner Directory?

Adobe does not create a listing on your company’s behalf. Partners must apply a primary contact representing your company’s partnership with Adobe may complete the application. This benefit is available to all partners at the Bronze level and above.

To find your company’s primary contact, click the profile icon, then Manage Profile, and go to My company > Account primary contacts. You can also email at spphelp@adobe.com or use chat to contact us.

How do I edit an existing Partner Directory listing?

We recommend that partners update their profiles regularly. To edit a listing in the Partner Directory:

  1. Sign in to the Solution Partner Portal.
  2. Once signed in, click on the profile icon at the top, then click Manage Profile.
  3. Click Partner Directory Listing. The tab is only visible to Primary Contacts.
  4. Click Edit in the table.
  5. Edit the fields you want to update and on the last page, click Submit.

The status of your Partner Directory listing will change to Submitted in review until the form is approved. Once the form is approved, the new changes will overwrite your existing listing on the Partner Directory with the latest ones.

Updates to an existing Partner Directory listing are usually approved within two business days. You will receive an email when your edited listing is published.


  • Save your work often. Click Save to keep all your progress or so you can return later.
  • You must click Submit to send any updates to us for final approval.
How do I check on the status of my Partner Directory listing?

Most listings or updates are published within two business days. The primary contact can sign in to check on the status.

To check the status, click on the profile icon at the top of the page > Manage Profile. Go to the Partner Directory Listing tab and check the status column in the table

Status definitions overview




Your application is in progress and has not been submitted for review. Please complete all required fields and click Submit when you are ready to send for review.

Submitted in review 

Your details have been submitted to the SPP Help
team and will be reviewed within two business days.


Your Partner Directory listing is approved and
has been published in the Partner Portal.


Your application is denied. You should have received an email with an explanation of why. If you have questions, please use chat or email SPPHelp@adobe.com.

How soon will my Partner Directory listing be posted?

Your listing will be approved within two business days and posted within an hour after the status has changed to Published. You should also get an email notifying you that your listing is approved.

Where will my listing get posted?

Your listing, once approved, will be posted on our Partner Directory.

Who do I contact for further questions regarding my Partner Directory listing?
    Please contact our help team at SPPHelp@adobe.com or chat.

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