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   Solution Partner Training Center Outage 

The Solution Partner Training Center is going through a system update so we can deliver a new and improved training experience. We hoped this update would be done by now, but it is going to take longer than originally planned.  During this update, on-demand training will be unavailable.  We want to make this new training experience great, please bear with us while we get things in shape. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact your Partner Sales Manager or send an email to


  1. Select the role that best describes your job. Need help deciding? Review the descriptions below each role or watch this video for guidance.
  2. Select a solution on the following Solution Page.
    • Recommendation: Bookmark the Solution Page as your gateway to Adobe Digital Marketing training.
  3. Select a curriculum by clicking on the links below the training topics of each solution.
    • Curriculum modules are identified as ‘required’ or ‘recommended’. Required modules are course assessments; recommended modules are training resources to help you pass the assessments.
    • Only “required” modules are necessary for training to be completed on your learning record.

    Tip: Watch the video above to get started.

    Tip: Download the Digital Classroom Course Catalog to review curriculum overviews and more.

How to work through your training

  1. Select the training you wish to complete.
  2. Each module with your training path has been identified as “Required” or “Recommended”.
  3. Completion means all “Required” modules must be completed.

What Role should I choose?

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Architect roles have the following responsibilities:  

  • Translates KPIs and high-level metric requirements
  • Designs detailed implementation plans
  • Works with client’s technical team to configure and deploy products


Business Practitioner roles have the following responsibilities:  

  • Identifies business requirements
  • Helps drive optimization   
  • Advises clients on optimal product utilization


Developer roles have the following responsibilities:          

  • Executes technical implementation
  • Develops and installs components of a solution


Selling roles have the following responsibilities:  

  • Defines Initial Scope
  • Coordinates contracts
  • Can provide demos of software
  • Periodically works with business team to reassess needs

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