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Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program

The Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program provides technical and market verification of industry-specific offerings built on Adobe products by an Adobe Solution Partner. Advantages of the Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program include less risk, shorter implementation times, and faster time to value.

There are two levels of verification offerings: Adobe Accredited and Adobe Verified. Both Adobe Accredited and Verified Partner Solution are technically verified by Adobe experts and market tested. An Adobe Accredited Solution requires one previous successful deployment. An Adobe Verified Solution requires multiple previous successful deployments, providing greater market validation, and the Adobe Solution Partner receives Adobe Specialization status – an organizational designation recognizing the Adobe Solution Partner’s expertise in specific Adobe products.

Both Adobe Accredited and Verified Partner Solutions are innovative solutions that solve a repeatable, industry-focused business challenge using the versatility of Adobe’s powerful Experience Cloud technology combined with the domain expertise of an Adobe Solution Partner. 

Adobe Accredited and Verified Partner Solutions provide:

  • Exceptional delivery quality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk reduction 
  • Accelerated time to value
Technical confirmation that the Solution Partner adheres to Adobe’s recommended practices
Solution Partner solves a repeatable business issue with measurable business outcomes
The business value the Solution Partner’s solution provides has been validated through previous successful implementations  
The Solution Partner’s expertise in Adobe products is validated by its Adobe Specialization status  

While Adobe experts technically verify and market test Adobe Accredited and Adobe Verified Partner Solutions, Adobe specifically disclaims and makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise relating to such solutions.

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