January 20, 2023

Renew Your Adobe Certification Free of Charge

Starting January 23, 2023, keeping your Adobe certifications current will become a lot easier with zero cost renewals and the ability to take unproctored exams.

A new year is not the only thing that you can expect after the holidays. In our continued response to feedback from the field, the Adobe Credential Program is bringing our first gift to you for 2023—certification renewals will become cost-free!

Beginning January 23, you will incur no additional cost for maintaining your active Adobe certification. In addition, all renewal options will be unproctored, so you can schedule and take the exams or assessments when you want.

What are certification renewal formats?

We offer two formats for renewing your certifications before they expire. The formats were selected based on resources available on Experience League.

  • Format 1: Renewal Exam
    • Renewal exams are shorter version certification exams that test on new technical features. You will now be able to schedule and take unproctored renewal exams free of charge at any time and on any date.
  • Format 2: Course Assessments
    • In this new continuous learning offering, you can renew your certification free of charge by completing three activities via one of following two options: 
      • Option 1. Select from a list of available courses in Adobe Experience League and pass at least three related assessments.
      • Option 2. Select from a list of available courses in Adobe Experience League and pass at least two related assessments. Then submit a customer reference attesting that you continue to lead and deliver Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, or Adobe Experience Manager implementations (subject to Adobe verification).
    • We piloted certification renewal through the continuous learning Course Assessments format in September. Because the response to the pilot was overwhelmingly positive, we have expanded this offering to other Adobe solutions.

What renewal format will be available for each solution?

Free Renewal Exams: 

Continuous learning Course Assessments:

Who is eligible for these certification renewals?

Adobe Certification Renewals are only offered at the Certified Expert and Master level. There are no Professional level renewal exams available. Candidates who prefer to remain at the Certified Professional level can renew and maintain their certification by passing the most recent exam at that level. However, the Adobe Credential Program recommends that candidates with a Professional credential take the next step and pass an Expert level exam. By achieving the Expert level certification, your Certified Professional certification will automatically be renewed.

If we no longer offer your certification, you will not have the option to renew it. We encourage you to take the most recently updated exam to fulfill your certification renewal.


For questions, please refer to these FAQs. If you have additional questions, please contact SPPhelp@adobe.com (for Adobe Partners), and certif@adobe.com (for customers).