August 09, 2022

Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 and other exciting features are available now!

Commerce 2.4.5 is now available to partners.

We are excited to announce that our August release, including Adobe Commerce 2.4.5, security-only patches 2.4.4-p1, 2.4.3-p3, and 2.3.7-p4, and other exciting product updates, is now available to our entire Commerce Community. These updates can be found on GitHub, in addition to Composer and  

Refer to the Adobe release blog, the personalized commerce journeys blog, and the 2.4.5 release notes for more information about this release and other product announcements. You can also see our Security Bulletin to learn more about the security updates in these new versions, including an update to 2.4.5 that provides a long-term solution to issues highlighted in recent security bulletins. Also, in case you missed them, you can watch the replay of the Monthly Adobe Partner Sales and Program Update webinar recordings from July 21 for more information about this release.

In this release, you will find several enhancements to platform quality, security, performance, and scale. Highlights include, but are not limited to: 

  • Improved performance such as increases of 3X the rate of orders processed per hour, 3X pageviews per hour, and 2X concurrent admin users from updates to high throughput order processing, API improvements, and the adoption of PHP 8.1;
  • Updated platform components along with more than 20 resolved security issues to help your business stay secure and compliant;
  • Enhanced accessibility, such as new capabilities for shoppers and Admin users with limited vision;
  • Optimized GraphQL API, leading to 5% faster response times and an 80% reduction in the time to takes to rebuild the GraphQL schema;
  • Updated the Google services integration to support use of the GTag APIs, a unified mechanism for integration with Google functionality for web pages and supports the newest capabilities and opportunities for tracking and managing content through Google Services;
  • And removed duplicate SKUs from shared catalogs so customers can have larger, more complex catalogs (for B2B customers).

Other Product Updates.

Data Sharing with Adobe Experience Platform.

Commerce site behaviors and events, like products viewed, items added to the cart, and customer logins, are some of the most valuable data a company can leverage for personalization. Now Adobe Commerce customers can easily share these storefront browser events with Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to build rich customer profiles and personalize marketing campaigns and commerce experiences. This data can also be analyzed for deeper customer, campaign, and product insights to accelerate business growth. Future releases will enable customers to share server-side transaction events (like orders placed, returned, or shipped) and catalog data and use AEP segments to target promotional offers in Adobe Commerce. 

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Live Search for B2B Commerce.

Live Search now supports B2B pricing and customer groups in Adobe Commerce 2.4.x and newer versions. This addition allows B2B merchants to access the superior search and merchandising tools provided by Live Search over third-party search products or Elastic Search.

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Upgrade Compatibility Tool.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool now supports Adobe Commerce 2.4.5. With this release, the tool includes several new validations that help identify additional incompatibilities between versions. Users will also receive recommendations on how to resolve issues. These improvements make the upgrade analysis process faster and easier than ever before.

Adobe Sign.

A new Adobe Sign extension is coming to the marketplace in August. It allows shoppers to electronically sign customized agreements such as warranty documents, purchase agreements, and terms and conditions during checkout.

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Quick Checkout.

We are excited to announce Quick Checkout powered by Bolt is coming to the marketplace in August. Built by Adobe and powered by Bolt, Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers can simplify the checkout process for their shoppers. By pre-populating past shipping and payment information, the user only enters their unique password to complete the checkout process. This feature can be used with existing Adobe Commerce payment and checkout providers, and the extension is available for US based Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers on versions 2.4.1+.

Beta Opportunities.

We are currently looking for merchants and partners to beta test and provide feedback for several new capabilities coming to Adobe Commerce. For more information on these Beta Programs, join the Adobe Experience Cloud Customer Feedback Panel.

Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce.

Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce is a multi-tenant SaaS service that provides up to 10x faster catalog data retrieval from the storefront, eliminates eSKU limitations, and provides seamless scaling, resulting in improved conversion rates and superior customer experiences. It is available at no additional cost to Adobe Commerce merchants. 

API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder.

API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder helps customers easily bring together multiple sources of data and microservices from across their organization into a single unified layer. Customers can easily stitch together the API from multiple sources including Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, as well as custom or third-party services like pricing, shipping, and inventory to help with frictionless upgrades, while maintaining industry leading extensibility.

ShopRunner Integration.

Built by ShopRunner (owned by FedEx), this integration will help businesses build loyalty and retain customers while reducing time and cost to fulfill orders with an end-to-end shipping and logistics solution that offers a great last-mile delivery experience. Gain access to the ShopRunner membership network, provide 2-day shipping to customers, and increase post-purchase transparency with estimated delivery date/time windows.

Check out our August release today!

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The Adobe Commerce team